Cisco CMX is a fantastic toolset, with possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. Cisco CMX, which is largely based on the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), uses WiFi  signals to map an X/Y location for a WiFi enabled device onto a floor map.

GPS, at best, has a fairly large margin for error, with accuracy limited to 100m. On top of this, it becomes almost useless when you move indoors. Cisco CMX solves this problem.

Once you have Cisco CMX working, what does it mean and what can you do?

As a CMX Ecosystem partner, Purple WiFi have worked with the tools available with CMX and developed something really exciting. Our Social WiFi and Captive Portal alone adds a huge amount of value.  Layer on top, location based services and things start to get interesting. Because Purple WiFi can pull data from social networks, or from the WiFi form login, we are able to show how particular ages or genders interact and move around a venue. We can push coupons based on where somebody is, or how long they dwell there, or help people wayfind to a specific location or even a specific person. And this is just scratching the surface.

Is Cisco CMX only for big businesses?

If you are a large business or venue, of course all of this is good news for you.  The logic for having your own MSE is sound and the setup and licensing for advanced location makes good business sense, giving venues huge benefits and ROI.

So, what about smaller businesses?

What about everybody else?  Smaller venues would still derive massive benefit from the CMX and Purple WiFi joint offering, but the economics just don’t add up and the complexity of setup doesn’t make sense.

One of the things we believe in passionately is simplification and our whole offering has this in its DNA. We have now put the CMX offering in our cloud, so rather than you needing an onsite MSE license, you can point your Wireless LAN Controller to our cloud and be up and running in no time, whether you are a hundred thousand seater stadium or a small independent shopping centre.

See our video on how Purple WiFi works for businesses here:

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