Turn insight into Action with Purple

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Here’s just some of the advantages of using Purples SaaS solutions over your WiFi network

  • Improve end-customer experience by providing complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Enhance marketing and business decision-making with deeper customer demographic and behavior analytics from visitors within venue
  • Drive increased sales with the use of powerful real-time marketing tools to send targeted visitors communications
  • Create a responsive environment by sending automated messages to visitors based on their actions and location within the venue

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Our comprehensive, fully-managed solution combines technologies and services from three pioneering companies – CenturyLink, Purple and Cisco Meraki

Similar to website analytics, Purple captures actionable insight about footfall, passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits, and frequency. This allows you to truly understand and communicate with customers in your physical space(s).

It works by integrating detailed customer information and location intelligence gathered from connected mobile devices, sensors, and Wi-Fi endpoints. This data is then combined with your customer ERP or CRM data to deliver thorough, intelligent analytical reports.

Understanding this data and using it to your advantage is simple. Information is collated and analyzed within the Purple Portal – a powerful console for monitoring visitor traffic and creating customized reports.

In addition to its reporting functionality, the Purple Portal is also a marketing solution, providing you with the knowledge and tools for distributing personalized, tailored messaging directly to your customers.

All of this is made possible by combining technologies and services from three pioneering companies – CenturyLink, Purple and Cisco Meraki. This includes Wi-Fi access technologies, managed services with powerful location / customer analytics, social engagement, and marketing software, all delivered in a secure cloud.

Interested? You can try before you buy. We offer a 14 day free trial – simply test our solution at couple of sites and begin to see what’s possible.