Location services
From real-time heat mapping and analytics to zone based marketing. We have it covered.
Our Purple Portal
Real time location and floorplan analytics

Our cloud platform helps you understand how people move around your venue. The paths they take, choke points, entry or exit points and even queue lengths are not only possible but made easy with the Purple Portal.

Imagine monitoring queue depths in real time and being alerted when thresholds are approaching or met.
How about analyzing historic venue data to understand behavior patterns and allocating business resources.

Purple can bring together any data point from any source, from GPS to WiFi to Bluetooth, there’s a whole lot of rich data
available out there to be collected. Purple makes it simple, beautiful and actionable.

SDK and Browser Based
Drop all of the Portals functionality into your own mobile app, have it served up in a web browser or maybe both, we have the flexibility and tools to available to allow businesses to be flexibile.

Proximity Marketing

Real time, behavioral targeting for physical spaces

We use geo-fencing technology which allows you to draw invisible lines around specific areas of your venue in the Purple portal.

You can then identify behavior patterns within that space and gauge how long consumers will remain in these areas and what purchases they are considering.

We use this information to drive marketing campaigns such as email and SMS and trigger them based on the users location or target their behavior.

LogicFlow is Purple’s new, easy to use drag and drop marketing tool.

Setup complex, multi-staged marketing campaigns in minutes based on user behavior, location and even the weather. Resulting in highly relevant, automated communications.


Optimize your venue layout in real-time with heat maps

Heat maps can be applied to all physical spaces from retail stores to airports enabling you to fully understand dwell time and hotspots in real-time. Optimize windows displays, validate product placement and A/B test new store concepts with clear visual actions

Incredibly accurate, plug and play sensors
Purple WiBeacon sensors represent a breakthrough in location technology. They provide a cost-effective, viable alternative to Bluetooth location technology. Not only does a WiBeacon infrastructure enable accurate location information, the sensors can be powered over USB or PoE so no swapping out batteries.
With the right hardware setup and the correct number of access point in venue, Location Based Services can be exceptionally accurate in
understanding your customer’s physical movements. But for those venues or zones which require a higher percentage of accuracy, our WiBeacon comes into its own. Integrated with your existing WiFi network you can enhance your customer tracking to achieve queue monitoring and triggering of highly relevant events.


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