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WiFi for Trains/ Metro

Stations are places where passengers have time on their hands whilst waiting for their departure and now expect to be able to access guest WiFi quickly and easily. Offering Purple will help to personalize the travel experience, increase engagement and enable monetization through an uplift in purchases throughout the station.

Purple allows stations to connect with their passengers via e-shots and social media, encouraging rebooking with information, discounts and offers. Passengers will also be able to receive special offers for the station’s shops and cafes, boosting loyalty and spend.

Keep people informed

Passengers want to be able to check travel updates in real time.  They also need to be able to stay in communication with the outside world, particularly if they are facing delays or redirections, or poor coverage with 3/4G.

Using a wayfinding tool, station operators can point passengers to the correct platform. The wayfinding tool can even locate a passenger’s friends anywhere in the station. This means that passengers will be much more relaxed and the overall journey experience is improved.

Enable increased spend

Purple can make waiting times much less stressful for the passenger but also creates an engagement tool for operators, concourse retailers and restaurants to promote discounts, exclusive offers and, most importantly, to direct them to relevant landing pages to book tickets or find coupons that they can redeem while they wait.

E-shots and direct engagement via social media encourages passengers to rebook directly with travel operators. The rich analytical data collected by the WiFi technology also means that stations can learn more about travel habits and adjust services accordingly.

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Train and metro station benefits

How Purple can enhance the travel experience.

Stay Connected

Being on the move doesn’t mean passengers have to go off the grid; free WiFi makes staying in touch with work, friends and family easy.

Enhance experience

WiFi is essential to entertain many passengers who know that they have time on their hands whilst they are waiting for their departure.

Real-time Updates

Update passengers with information about departures, facilities and offers straight to their phones, increasing spend at the station.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.


What our customers say

  • millennium-telecom-bw-logo

    Rebecca Shepherd, Marketing Coordinator
    Millennium Ltd

    “Purple WiFi was the obvious choice because its an all­-in-­one solution, from both content filtering and legislative perspectives. Feedback on this seamless login process has been phenomenal, with Facebook likes going up 50%.”


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