WiFi Solutions

Gain valuable insights around physical spaces and promote your business like never before.

Guest WiFi as it should be

Gain valuable insights around physical spaces and promote your business like never before

Today, successful businesses make the most noise about their customer experience, and we think guest WiFi should play an integral part in this.

Make it beautiful, branded and seamless for customers to login just once across all your venues and you're on to a winner. Turn on social login too, and drive your social engagement through the roof.

Our cloud software provides an overlay over existing hardware and can be up and running within an hour.
WiFi marketing
Promote your business & communicate with your customers on a whole new level

The WiFi marketing tools available in the Purple portal provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business. You can tailor your splash (login) pages with specific branding and advertising and send targeted emails and SMS. The URL redirect page they land on after logging in is also completely within your control.

Logic flow
LogicFlow is Purple's new, easy to use drag and drop marketing tool.

Setup automated campaigns in minutes based on user behavior, location and even the weather.
Features at a glance

Splash pages
Create branded splash pages with our drag and drop editor

Email & SMS
Send emails & SMS based on demographics and behavior

Connect review platforms and send feedback requests
Reporting and Insights
Analytics for physical spaces, or as we call it... Google Analytics for the real world

With our 'Purple Portal', you can access a wealth of information collated from the Purple system.
Our analytics platform provides real-time customer data and insight. Secure and available at any time, a vast array of tools will help you analyze and segment your audience
Real time data can be accessed at any time.
User demographics such as age, gender and location, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage are just some of the statistics you can collect.

Content filtering

Public WiFi comes with the risk that consumers can potentially access content that is not family friendly. Purple has partnered with Open DNS to provide a convenient content filtering system which blocks inappropriate material.
Bandwidth management
Bill guests for WiFi usage after a period of free time, or bill them for superior bandwidth

Time - You can set a limit to the amount of free access time on the guest WiFI, 30 minutes for example. When the limit is reached and usage continues, a charge to the guest is incurred.

Speed - A limit can be set on the upload or download speed on the guest WiFi. Users then have the option to upgrade for a faster WiFI experience at a charge.

Usage - A limit to the usage can be set. For example, a guest who is simply checking their emails or browsing online will not use much bandwidth and therefore will not be charged, but a guest who is streaming videos (and using a higher proportion of the allocated bandwidth) would be charged.
Our cloud software gives you complete control and flexibility to manage your bandwidth. You can quickly and easily edit the block of paid time you want to offer, the price you charge or manage the speed and usage.

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