Purple WiBeacon sensors represent a breakthrough in location technology.

WiBeacons sensors

Purple WiBeacon sensors represent a breakthrough in location technology.

WiBeacons provide a cost-effective, viable alternative to Bluetooth location technology.

Not only does a WiBeacon infrastructure enable accurate location information, the sensors can be powered over USB or PoE so no swapping out batteries.

WiBeacon improves zone-based location measurement over WiFi dramatically. In a retail setting this could mean the
difference between pinpointing a whole aisle, or identifying all the individual products on that aisle.Depending on the type of deployment, WiFi tracking
accuracy can be improved from 7-10 metres to within 2-3 metres.

This makes WiBeacon a viable alternative to Bluetooth technology, whilst still being cost-effective with a large numbers of sensors.

Actionable insights
Improve the customer experience and drive ROI

WiBeacon technology allows brands and venues to truly understand their physical space. Venues can evaluate choke points, key areas of footfall, where space can be optimized and how long customer spend in queues.

The actions taken based on this information, and the ability to deliver information according to a customer’s proximity to a
location or product, enables venues to improve the customer experience and drive ROI.

WiBeacon Benefits
Just some of the advantages of Purples’ WiBeacons

The WiBeacon sensors are very
small and cost effective

They are powered over ethernet
or USB, no batteries

Gives universal coverage,
as opposed to Bluetooth

Cost-effective and highly
accurate location pinpointing

Compatible with the WiFi
Aware certification

Identify the number of people
entering key areas

Identify congestion points or
areas with low footfall

See how long queues are and
take action if needed

See how many staff are
available in real-time

Increase dwell time and spending in your venue

Real-time monitoring of activity
in the physical space

Optimise the physical space
according to data trends
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WiBeacons use case
An example of how WiBeacons can be used

Airports using Purple WiBeacons are able to manage journey time of their passengers through both security and immigration at their terminals.

The objective is to reduce the amount of time passengers wait in queues by understanding what is happening and being able to take action (deploy more staff) as necessary. Therefore creating a more efficient operation and also actually increasing dwell time for people in the retail areas to improve shopping time and drive
passenger spending.

It was quickly identified that the passenger’s journey through the airport must be viewed as one seamless process, rather than as a string of isolated events.

To achieve this, Purple enhanced the network using ‘WiBeacons’, which enabled tracking of WiFi devices down to 2-3 metres

Purple also created a set of unique dashboards to allow the airport to see passenger and queue activity in real-time.The airport can now monitor minute-by-minute updates
identifying the amount of people entering key areas, the
percentage of journeys that exceed the acceptable queue time and even queue monitoring by lane.This enhanced accuracy means the airport team can see where congestion is starting to occur in granular detail allowing them to take action accordingly.