WiFi Analytics

Learn about your customers

With our ‘Purple Portal’, you can access a wealth of information collated from the Purple system. Our analytics platform provides real­time customer data and insight. Secure and available at any time, a vast array of tools will help you analyze and segment your audience.



Graphs that tell a story

Real time data can be accessed at any time. User demographics such as age, gender and location, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage are just some of the statistics you can collect. This deeper level of analytics will enable you to deploy your marketing messages to the right people, at the right time.

Personalize marketing campaigns

The data that we collect from WiFi users give venues the opportunity to learn more about their customers; what they’re interested in, and where in their venue or store they spend time.

This information allows venues to engage their visitors with a personalized marketing campaign, encouraging higher spend and enhancing the customer experience.

Dashboard overview

The portal’s dashboard overview gives venues a snapshot of the following reports:

  • Users by day
  • Cumulative users and sessions
  • Users by month
  • New vs. repeat customers
  • User demographics

Drill down into your reports

Venues can drill down into these reports for more detailed statistics, and access additional reports including:

  • Total WiFi users
  • Visitor locations
  • Visitor sources
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Data usage
  • Duration of usage
  • Social interests
  • Facebook like count