WiFi in Airports

Targeted, personalised marketing to increase revenue and provide an exceptional travel experience


A solution for airports
A revenue option where retailers can advertise to consumers all in their own language.
Purple’s market-leading WiFi and analytics solution has enabled airport and stations around the globe to effectively capture marketing analytics and improve visitor engagement through various avenues. Whether that be increasing and developing communications in the visitors own language, according to core demographic, through email, SMS and the WiFi login screen.
What’s more, in a similar way to Google analytics, allowing airports and stations to monitor how people behave at their sites in the same way as they can monitor online activity. By gaining access to demographic data such as the customer’s email, age, gender and frequency of visits, QSR brands are able to improve their communications, make changes to their venues, adapt menus, improve signage and develop unique promotions for customers.


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Key Benefits of Purple
How we help restaurants deliver ROI
Revenue generation

By adding Purple into the mix, airports and stations can create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship. Advertising space can be offered on WiFi login screen and subsequent splash pages. Once connected to the WiFI, airports can offer advertising via email and SMS which can be triggered as visitors pass through zonal areas of the building.

Location services

Management teams often question where the busiest hotspots are or how many people use seating areas. These questions can be answered with ease thanks to Purple’s Location Services, which allows you to identify traffic flows, hotspots and where overcrowding most commonly occurs. This information can be highly valuable for selling 3rd party advertising enabling you to rearrange signage to inform customers about other areas and distribute offers. What’s more is it can be useful for people management, enabling you to allocate staff according to demand.

Targeted offers

Airports and stations can target specific customer segments with relevant promotions, departures, facilities and duty-free offers – all in the visitors own language. This is all made simple with Purple’s logic flow automation feature that allows you to set up emails that trigger dependent on certain rules that you set.

Content filtering

Tens of thousands of families and children travel through your building each day which means there is a need to restrict access to inappropriate content for younger visitors. With Purple, content filtering can be easily activated to ensure all users are safe and averted from any inappropriate sites whilst at your site.

Bespoke login journey

When diners access the WiFi they will be sent to a fully branded splash page that allows them to login via social media or a short form. Once online they will be redirected to a landing page featuring content about the QSR brand and its latest offers. Third party advertising can also be incorporated, which can present an additional revenue stream as sponsors battle to offer exclusive promotions.

Connecting with your WiFi data
Take customer engagement to a whole new level by implementing one of Purple’s various connectors,
which includes TripAdvisor, Trustpilot and Salesforce

TripAdvisor & Trust Pilot
Purple integrates with TripAdvisor and Trust Pilot, allowing restaurants to send fully branded review requests to customers within 24 hours after their visit. This automation tool ensures all customers are prompted to leave a review and it has already been proven to increase reviews by up to 500%.


The SalesForce Connector is a feature that allows brands to cleverly integrate data from the Purple Portal with data from SalesForce. Once connected, any existing SalesForce data can be married with the corresponding restaurant visitor information in the Purple portal, giving businesses an enhanced understanding of who is actually visiting their restaurant sites.
Collect customer feedback

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score has become a highly popular loyalty metric for companies to use to measure customer feedback and benchmark their business against competitors. With Purple, NPS surveys can be created with ease in a personalised design and then sent out to customers to ask them how likely they are to recommend your venue and food to others on a scale of 1-10.

Micro Surveys

With Purple, QSR brands can ask customers the questions they need answering to make smarter decisions. Short, easy-to-use survey pages can be displayed during the user’s onboarding process before they access the WiFi network. It eliminates outdated paper surveys and helps companies to gain access to valuable data whilst the user gains access to connectivity on-site.

Purple’s market-leading WiFi and analytics solution has enabled fast food restaurants around the globe to effectively capture marketing analytics and improve visitor engagement through various avenues. Whether that be increasing communications, developing tailored offers according to core demographic or pushing out in-restaurant APPs and competitions, the platform allows QSR restaurants to generate a return from their WiFi investment both in terms of custom and profits.

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