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3 ways Marketing Automation software can improve retail experiences

In an age where customers are becoming more and more discerning with every purchase, you’ve got to make sure that your store doesn’t just offer a ho-hum shopping experience. In this article, we will talk about how marketing automation can help elevate your brand’s retail experience. But first, a little background on the term itself.

What is marketing automation?

From identifying prospective buyers to creating your next marketing campaign, marketing automation enables businesses that can’t otherwise afford to pay a marketing agency to move beyond traditional marketing strategies and reap higher returns. 

Marketing automation makes it possible for marketers to achieve their goals by letting them focus on the tasks that add value for their customers and lead to growth. The technology enables you to be more efficient while providing the best possible user experience. It empowers you to catch the attention of potential customers and make sure they get access to your products or services in a personalized way. Thus, it transforms your contacts into sales-ready leads which in turn fuels your sales pipeline.

In short, marketing automation gives your brand the capability to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency while also providing more engaging experiences to your customers along the way.

How can marketing automation software help improve your retail experience?

In the same way that a learning organization fosters an environment of self-directed employees who are continuously learning, marketing automation software also pushes the boundaries of what is possible by continuously evolving and reinventing new experiences for its users. Below are 3 of the many ways you can enhance your brand’s retail experience with automation software.

1) Superior customer segmentation

Creating a better retail experience begins with relevance.

Tapping into what your customer wants can mean the difference between a bounce and a loyal customer. To achieve relevance, you need to segment your audience and create tailored marketing strategies for each group. But segmentation can be hard to execute. After all, who has the time to compile complicated lists of customers and work out precisely what they want? Fortunately, marketing automation software can make this process much less painful. 

Automation software can help you segment your audience into smaller, more manageable groups by enabling you to analyze a number of data points such as:

  • demographic characteristics
  • geographical trends
  • online behavior

With this approach, you can easily tailor your marketing message to a specific group, increasing conversion rates. To illustrate just how valuable automated segmentation can be, let’s use GreenPal as an example. GreenPal is a lawn care company that ran a moderately successful location-targeted AdWords campaign.

Greenpal website

The response was good, but the company wanted to do even better. So the company analyzed the data to find trends and segments that were worth capitalizing on. Turns out, the company was focusing on an area that was home to price-conscious customers, a target group that they had overlooked. When they automated their campaign to target this segment with a tailored message, their click-through rate increased by a whopping 200%. That’s the power of intelligent and meticulous segmentation, as made possible by marketing automation software.

ppc screenshot

2) Ultra-targeted email marketing

Email might not seem all that sophisticated in the current ad climate, but it’s got a lot more going for it than you might think. The advent of automation has made email a much more advanced advertising channel than it used to be. 

But the problem is that many retailers aren’t taking advantage of these developments. They still choose to rely on more traditional and less effective forms of email marketing. 

To make sure you’re not lagging behind in this new era of automated email marketing, here are some examples of emails you should be sending:

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are a reliable way to get in front of new subscribers and leave a lasting impression. Given that these emails are sent after purchase or upon subscribing to a company’s newsletter, they are more likely to be read. In fact, welcome emails generate four times the opens and five times the clicks of regular email marketing campaigns.

email increases image

So keep the momentum going by sending your potential customers a welcome email right away via automation software. 

Here’s an example of an automated welcome email by Glossier to familiarize you with how it works. Glossier is a skincare company that sends out incredibly thorough welcome emails.

glossier email

As soon as you sign up for Glossier, you’re automatically added to the list and greeted with engaging content. What’s more, at the bottom of the email, Glossier includes many different ways for you to get in touch and keep up with what they’re doing.

Shopping cart abandonment email

Just because someone abandons their shopping cart doesn’t mean they don’t want to complete their purchase. A million things can come up that keep customers from completing the checkout process.

It is your responsibility to stay in touch with these shoppers by sending them a gentle message that reminds them of what they started with and nudges them to finish the process. 

Take a look at Headspace’s example of an automated cart abandonment email below.


3) Delivering hyper-personalized, dynamic content

The most important element of successful content is that it is relevant to its intended audience. But to deliver personalized messaging at scale, you need dynamic content that can be distributed at every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

Using dynamic content creates a feeling of one-to-one communication between your brand and your customers. It allows you to present your brand in a way that feels relevant for every customer. And thanks to marketing automation, you can now deliver specific, highly relevant experiences to thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Just like how Amazon can predict your next purchases, and Netflix knows exactly what show you want to binge-watch, the right automation software puts a corresponding amount of power at your disposal. Let’s look at a couple of ways you can get started with delivering automated dynamic content:

Lead Score 

The automation software analyzes and assesses your leads’ engagement and then calculates a score. This lead score determines your prospect’s position in the customer journey. Lead scoring can help automate the process of sending next-step content to your potential customers based on how far along they are in the sales funnel.


Location-based triggers allow you to offer real-time personalized deals based on a visitor’s location. You can also use it to schedule campaigns depending on an individual’s time zone. 

This example of dynamic web content by Skandium shows how using geo-specific messaging provides unique experiences. Skandium’s website features a dynamic banner that changes based on the visitor’s location.


Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

If you want to market your brand effectively in today’s crowded marketplace, you must deliver experiences that stand out. Marketing automation tools can help you do just that. When honed and perfected, marketing automation can be a treasure trove of gathered wisdom when it comes to designing retail experiences consumers will remember.

Start by taking a look at Purple’s solutions to collect customer and venue insights that will allow you to build personalized experiences for everyone one of your customers.

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