Author: Curtis Standley


Let’s start this blog where most resolution blogs do, the high percentage of people who fail with achieving their resolution goals. Yes, 80% of people may fail when striving for high targets and repeatedly obnoxious, year on year expectations. Is that because the goals are too far out of reach, or is it down to…

What is WiFi Analytics, and why is it important for your business?

Firstly, what is WiFi analytics? WiFi analytics put simply means, to gather customer data through the use of guest WiFi. Guest WiFi is the free WiFi you get in hotels, cafes and numerous other store types. WiFi analytics collects customer data in two different ways. Authorized data The first method of collecting data is through…

Enterprise data management for physical spaces

Why do businesses collect data? Put simply, to improve. Take your website and Google Analytics as an example. Google Analytics captures data about your website and its users. You then analyze this data and use it to improve your website. But what happens when you have heaps of data coming from lots of different sources…

Real-time marketing in its simplest form is a great technique used by brands that allows them to create a personality, differentiate themselves from the competition, and improve the overall customer experience. By introducing a human element to a business it can help build trust, and in a lot of cases, brand loyalty. Consumers of a…

Purple careers - apprenticeships

One of our key values here at Purple is all about innovation and determination. We are a technology business after all, and technology is always evolving. Not only do we continually look for new ways to improve our solution and the end-to-end customer experience, we also look to develop our people, and help them build…

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