A couple of months ago we posted “Stay off my LAN! Our top WiFi names!”. The post was pretty popular, so we thought we would follow up with a few more of our best WiFi names. Enjoy!

1) Those meddling kids.

get off my LAN

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2) Not sure whether I should be more disturbed by the Zelda nerd or the person who thinks zombies ate their neighbour.


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3) This techie is clearly having a lot of fun.

searching and loading

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4) Umm, ok. We understand that WiFi’s important, but this person should probably get out more.


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5) This person really needs to see a doctor.


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6) …. and there’s definitely no free WiFi here!


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7) Well, this sounds ominous.

connect and die

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8) Maybe the person who thought zombies ate their neighbour wasn’t so crazy after all. Press cancel on the impending zombie apocalypse please!


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