WiFi is a necessity, it’s everywhere and it’s hard to imagine a world where we aren’t connected 24/7 now. So it’s no surprise that people have found funny wifi names to christen their network!

Personalising your SSID and setting up a funny WiFi name is just one way of making your WiFi network stand out whilst having a little fun. Here are a few of the best funny WiFi names we’ve seen around, ranging from the hilarious to the casually passive aggressive.

1) The patient son

Funny WiFi names

Source: Facebook user Paul Keesing

2) One for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Just magic. I’d log in to Hogwarts, obviously.

Harry potter wifi name

Image Source: Instagram user tmloree

3) Grammar noobs.

Funny grammar name

Image Source: imgur.com

4) The funny internet thief who mended their ways. But still didn’t feel like being nice about it.

Funny SSID

Image Source: imgur.com

5) Another grammar queen using the wifi name as a means to educate her neighbour. FIGHT!

Grammar queen

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

6) Anyone remember the commandment “Love thy neighbour”? Nope, didn’t think so.

Love thy neighbour

Image Source: mandatory.com

7) Next up, my hat goes off to the person who recreated the entire Fresh Prince rap with multiple networks. Behold this masterpiece.

Fresh prince funny wifi name

Image Source: mandatory.com

8) Those meddling kids.

get off my LAN

via landapple

9) Not sure whether I should be more disturbed by the Zelda nerd or the person who thinks zombies ate their neighbour.

Zelda SSID

via CSFirecracker

10) This techie is clearly having a lot of fun.

searching and loading

via Beaverbrown55

11) Umm, ok. We understand that WiFi’s names are important, but this person should probably get out more.

Funny SSID

via gingerianfalcon

12) This person really needs to see a doctor. Is this really number 12 on the list of funny wifi names?




13) …. and there’s definitely no free WiFi here!


via freemake.com

14) Well, this sounds ominous.

connect and die

via hexjam.com

15) Maybe the person who thought zombies ate their neighbour wasn’t so crazy after all. Press cancel on the impending zombie apocalypse please!


via hexjam.com

Here are a few funny WiFi names I’ve found that unfortunately didn’t have screenshots…or screenshots not featuring some other very NSFW (Not Safe For Work) WiFi names that I DEFINITELY can’t mention here. Google if you must, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– The Silence of the LANS

– The LAN Before Time

– Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

– Lord of the Pings

– Routers of Rohan