How to Incentivize Your Customers to Leave a Good Review

In the eCommerce realm, customers can’t touch or examine products. Thus, many rely on reviews to gauge whether they’re making the right purchase. Because other customers are perceived as unbiased and trustworthy, their feedback is crucial during the evaluation process. 

According to Statista, 25% of US consumers believe that customer product reviews are important when choosing online retailers. 94% of respondents were also more likely to choose businesses that had positive reviews. To sum it up, getting positive customer feedback can boost your appeal to consumers. 

Now, how do you encourage customers to leave a good review? In this article, we’ll explore ways you can incentivize customers to give positive feedback, and expand your market research.

#1 Offer incentives customers want

First, find out the incentives that customers want, as part of your marketing plan. 

Launch a survey and ask respondents to rate the potential rewards you can offer. Conduct face-to-face interviews with brand advocates to identify whether they’re more motivated by coupons, discounts, or cash rewards.

It’s important to use different communication channels when understanding customers’ needs and wants. For example, no matter what types of VoIP software, you can create personalized phone surveys for your callers to ask them about their incentive preferences without being too “salesy”. Moreover, asking customers about their preferred incentives during the call can spark their interest in your review campaign for a chance to get something they are interested in.

If you can identify the incentives customers want, then you’re more likely to boost the response rate when you ask for a review.

#2 Send post-purchase feedback emails

A few weeks after a customer purchases and uses the product, they’re already qualified to make a review. As such, consider sending post-purchase feedback emails to encourage them to leave one. Send an email with customer rewards such as discounts or free shipping to sweeten the deal.

We also recommend having a compelling subject line highlighting your incentives to prompt a response, for example, “Get 25% off your next purchase when you leave a review!”.  There are many email marketing services that have this functionality, but make sure you do your research to determine which one is best for your organization.

Mattress company Casper’s email encourages shoppers to leave a review and give their honest opinions. This way, other shoppers will be able to make smart decisions when browsing their landing pages.

#3. Have a referral program 

Feedback isn’t merely in the form of written product reviews. Word-of-mouth product recommendations and endorsements from our network also count. 

In fact, ReferralCandy found that people pay 2x more attention to recommendations from friends. Plus, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. 

Not surprisingly, referrals from friends and family can have a huge impact on our decisions because they’re the ones we trust the most. While word-of-referrals can happen organically, you can also facilitate the process with a referral program

For starters, a referral program incentivizes brand advocates to refer the brand or product to their friends and family. If the referred loved one makes a purchase, brand advocates can get referral rewards like freebies, coupons, or discounts in return. 

Love Wellness’ refer a friend program lets brand advocates refer their friends. As long as referred friends make an order worth $20 or more, the brand advocate and referred friend can get $20 store credit.

#4. Offer loyalty points for reviews

Brands with a loyalty program can also reward reviewers with loyalty points. With this strategy, you can get feedback from brand advocates and get more reviews on your websites. It’s the perfect win-win-win situation! 

Clothing brand Torrid’s loyalty program lets members earn points by sharing product reviews, posting photos with the product, and linking their Instagram account to their Torrid Rewards account.

As customers spend more and earn points, they can unlock tiers with advantageous perks. For instance, Torrid Loyalist members can get birthday gifts, free shipping, and store credit for future purchases, among other lead magnets.


In summary, incentivizing customers to leave product reviews can have a big impact on your sales and conversions. Incentives can be in the form of loyalty program rewards, freebies, coupons, and perks. Combine it with a word-of-mouth referral program and you’ll be able to bolster your reputation and improve your customer acquisition process.

About the author

Raúl Galera is the Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy, an app that allows eCommerce brands to set up and run customer referral programs.

ReferralCandy is the leading platform in terms of referral marketing for eCommerce brands. Founded over 10 years ago, ReferralCandy has helped over 30,000 brands leverage the power of word-of-mouth and turn their customer base into their marketing team.

Raúl has been leading ReferralCandy’s partnership efforts for the past five years, working alongside marketing agencies, media, and tech companies.

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