Keeping your staff and customers safe – A guide to social distancing in the workplace using WiFi analytics

With many businesses returning to the realities of a “new normal” its not just business owners who are going to need to be extra careful, both staff and customers will also have to play a key role in ensuring their own personal safety and those around them.

It may seem simple as we’ve been adhering to social distancing all across the world for the best part of 3 months but as creatures of habit, humans have a tendency to slip back into old habits if left to do so, even if subconsciously.

So what can businesses do to ensure that they are operating at their usual high standard, whilst maintaining a safe, contactless, and secure venue?

Use WiFi Analytics. 

Create safe employee workspaces

You can create a safe employee-working area with 6 feet around the space, this can be calculated using presence data which can measure how closely people are using MAC signals being sent to and from smart devices.  

For some businesses, they may need to adjust work stations for a multitude of reasons and the employee work station recommendation will change each day based on location and the presence of others.

Once a workspace has been used for the agreed time, staff/users receive a notification asking them to clean the area upon departure.  

As another employee enters the workspace, they are warned that it was used within 3 hours and recommended to clean before use.

Use smart counters 

Even as lockdown in most countries begins to ease, we’ve seen several venues – supermarkets and small highstreet retailers for example –  implement a one-in-one-out strategy, where a member of staff stands at the entrance to control the flow of customers in and out of the store. 

A tedious yet important task, that is susceptible to human error if undertaken for long periods of time. 

Smart counters have the ability to play a huge part in helping businesses adhere to social distancing rules and to control the volume of customers in their venues. 

They allow businesses to use a piece of software on their mobile or other portable smart devices to count customers in and out of stores. 

The data is then fed into a dashboard that can be shared with members of the team; giving everyone a clear understanding of the venue’s overall safety status.

Safety status is indicated through a red, amber, green (RAG) rating. 

Use social distancing technology

Many businesses have begun to take to new forms of technology that are designed to warn workers when they get too close to each other.

This technology comes in many forms from wearable tech to tracing apps, but additional hardware is always going to come at a premium.

Purple has released a social responsibility dashboard that allows businesses to track, monitor, and ensure social distancing.

Using a built-in smart counter, businesses can accurately track the number of visitors in their venue at any one time, and monitor cumulative visits per day on a central dashboard.

The Smart Counter will track and calculate a venue’s Density Score and monitor their social distancing threshold closely with a clear red, amber, green (RAG) status.

The dashboard also provides additional insight into how safe customers feel through a Hygiene Score, and the likelihood of them recommending the venue to family and friends through an NPS score. 

Automate collection and secure storage of customer data

In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, many countries much like the United Kingdon are asking their citizens to adhere to the new government guidelines.

These include requirements such as ensuring that all customers are following the new 1m rule which comes into the effect to the same day and customer information is collected and it’s not just the UK other countries like the United States are looking to roll out a “Test and Trace” service. 

Businesses are not only going to collect customer information but they need to store it correctly and securely to avoid incurring fines, doing this with the “trusty pen and paper” may prove difficult, as paper easily gets lost, destroyed, or discarded. 

Technology developed by Purple removes the need for manually collecting customer information, our software solution uses a combination of Guest WiFi, Location, and Presence analytics. 

Customers log into the Guest WiFi in advance or whilst queuing outside or waiting to enter the venue. This can be done using social media logins, or customized forms that allow a business to capture the correct details they need to conform with the government legislation. 

Build customized posters quickly and easily using our online template tool to make customers aware of what the new process is, and why you need to collect their information.

All contact and personal information is captured in compliance with all global data & privacy regulations such as GDPR & CCPA and is held securely within the Purple platform.

Outsource your test and trace inquiries.

Even when businesses try their best to keep everyone safe using a combination of common sense, extra awareness, and social distancing technologies, a case may occur within your venue. 

If it does, the last thing you need to be doing is trying to liaise with the authorities and assist with tracking the suspected carrier down, all whilst trying to return to business as usual.

In the event of an outbreak, we can coordinate with authorities on your behalf and ensure that all visitors are alerted that they may have come into contact with someone that has tested positive.

All personal data is automatically deleted after 21 days on your behalf, removing the burden from you.

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