The role of the marketer has evolved. Creating engaging collateral is important, but being able to measure the revenue and profits generated by a given campaign or marketing platform is the holy grail for all marketers and business owners. In reaction to this, we’ve developed our brand new ROI calculator, which lets you calculate the return you can expect from using Purple.

Our product has been proven to help brands achieve ROI time and time again. Whether that be increasing the size of their CRM database, growing footfall and frequency of visits, multiplying coupon redemption or building customer engagement via email and social media, Purple lets marketers justify the value of their output and allows brands to reap the rewards.

With its simplistic layout and navigation, the ROI Calculator provides a quick and easy way to find out exactly what your brand could earn based on your own unique businesses model. This powerful new tool takes into consideration key factors such as your business’s monthly footfall, value placed on a social follower and the amount you’d pay for a review, then calculates your total profit accordingly.

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Acquiring more CRM data, social followers and reviews are of paramount importance in today’s marketplace, regardless of the size of your business or the sector in which you operate. Without CRM data, you cannot efficiently or effectively communicate with your valued customers and deliver them material and offers that will encourage them to return to your venue and recommend it to others.

Likewise, if your business fails to attract a sustainable influx of positive reviews from customers then it can detrimentally impact your overall profit and success. How many times have you logged onto a review site like TripAdvisor to find no reviews, a bulk of outdated reviews or lots of negative feedback and changed your mind about visiting that venue?
And don’t forget the power of social media. If you fail to build a strong presence on social media, especially in the media frenzied society that we currently operate in, then you could find it difficult to get both new and existing customers through your doors. It’s all about increasing ‘likes’, acquiring ‘followers’, publicising your brand and getting people to ‘check in’ at your establishment.

Our ROI Calculator has been proven to deliver accurate results for a number of brands, with many exceeding the expected value presented by the calculator after implementing the solution. We already work with global brands such as Legoland, Pizza Express, British Land, TUI and Outback Steak Houses, and they are actively using our portal’s analytics, marketing tools, connectors, presence data and location services to increase profits.

If you’re interested in finding out the return you could get from using Purple then check out our ROI Calculator today, alternatively, sign up to Purple Free, our brand new free of charge solution which is more advanced than all other paid-for WiFi services on the market.