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Purple assists Greater London Authority with measuring social distancing

Purple has been working very closely with Greater London Authority during the United Kingdom’s lockdown phase and will continue to do so as restrictions across the UK begin to ease over the coming month.  

Greater London Authority are a strategic regional authority, with powers over transport, policing, economic development, and fire and emergency planning. 

Measuring the impact of how coronavirus is affecting how people travel around the city from both a public transport view and pedestrian movements. 

In addition to understanding how people are now moving around the city, GLA is now using Purples Global Footfall Tracker to understand which sectors they are interacting most with. 

Focusing on footfall traffic across a variety of verticals and benchmarking them again data from last year to allow GLA and the general public to get an understanding of the impact.

The Covid-19 mobility report is a collaborative piece of work with data compiled from Google, Apple, Purple, City Mapper, GLA and Open table. 

Chris Fairness from the GLA is overseeing the collection of data from multiple sources and ensuring that the data is collated into an “easy to digest form” to assist with both London’s key decision makers but also for the public to look at, at their own free will. 

He had this to say about the analytics we provided for this report:

Purples WiFi data is the most current footfall data we have and the only source to give a demographic breakdown

Purple has been using it’s a global data points since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic and decided to make our data available to all who wish to see, enabling people, businesses and economists to track the real-time impact COVID-19 is having on all industries across the globe.

Using WiFi Analytics, it is possible to capture the age and genders of visitors and measure how the behavior of these demographics differs from the average amidst the social restrictions and UK government advice during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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