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Code nation

More job positions require coding and programming than you think. Significantly more businesses are relying on computer code to automate and design systems, from websites to networks and even email campaigns. Learning the skills to code and understand computer languages empowers employees with the confident to explore more tools and applications than you would because…

Applying for work experience is a great way to understand what it is you are looking for in a career. When you are unsure of what profession best suits your personality, skills, and most importantly, is a career you can be passionate about, work experience can give you a glimpse into workplaces and roles. Work…

Zak's Story: How Purple turned my world upside down

Manchester to Melbourne Imagine being given the opportunity to work in one of the greatest cities in the world, Melbourne… with an incredible climate, gorgeous scenery and almost 2,000 kilometres of beaches! Well for me, Purple made it happen. I was a Technical Solutions Specialist working at Purple HQ in Manchester and was given the…

We’re hiring! Purple WiFi

WiFi is something that is expected, for free, just as we expect access to heat, light and water. But the big question in recent years has been how to monetise WiFi. Purple WiFi has created an innovative low cost solution that gives unprecedented analytics and insights, whilst driving true ROI for businesses. We have seen…

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