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The Covid pandemic has forced governments across the globe to deal with various waves and strains of Covid19 very differently. Advice from WHO (The World Health Organisation) regarding personal safety was to wear a face mask in public and to maintain a safe distance from anyone around us. But as many governments haven’t dealt with…


You don’t know what you don’t know and the world we live in is full of unknowns and there are many people scratching their head and trying to predict what the new normal might be on many fronts. For most physical spaces and most definitely office spaces we do know it won’t be the same…

Pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels will need to make some huge changes The 4th July might traditionally hold a greater place in the hearts of those on the other side of the Atlantic than in the UK but 2020 might be the year that also sees celebrations in the UK. As the fourth of July…

Retail footfall surges as lockdown restrictions are eased: an analysis based on more than 50,000 venues across 120 countries. As different regions and countries across the world begin to ease lockdown restrictions, Purple’s Global Footfall Trends tool is allowing us to see what impact these measures are having on the footfall across industries.  Early results…

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