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Between accelerated omnichannel marketing digitization, in part fueled by COVID, and increasingly fragmented customer journeys, customer relationships offer unquestionable value. Marketing trends continue to highlight that customer satisfaction is imperative, driving deep customer journey mapping, UI/UX optimizations, and more. In this context, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has advanced rapidly itself, quickly becoming a marketing…

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Between traditional healthcare challenges and ones the pandemic entailed, the healthcare industry strives to contain operational costs. In the midst of accelerating digitization, patients no longer evaluate providers based on medical outcomes alone, instead seeking a pleasant overall patient experience. As they become more engaged across channels and more involved in the process, healthcare marketing…

How much does a CRM record cost and how good is it?
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For most businesses, leads, customer data, or CRM records, represent the lifeblood for driving sales. Unless you can get your hands on good information about the people you want to buy your product, regardless of what that product is, how are you ever going to get in contact with them? It’s a tough racket. And…

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