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A quick summary of IoT – The “Internet Of Things” The “Internet of Things” was coined by British technology pioneer, Kevin Ashton in 1999, defining it as a system in which the internet is connected to the physical world by utilizing sensors and RFID tags. You can visualize the ‘IoT’ as being made up of…

California introduces new data security laws.

With great data, comes great responsibility… Since Purple’s beginning in 2012, data security has been at the forefront of our business and we’ve always gone a step further by providing guests the moment they log in with an easy to read and digestible terms of business and privacy policy which enables guests to manage their…

The benefits of marketing personalization

The future belongs to businesses that provide superior customer experiences – and one of the best ways to provide such an experience is through highly personalized content; delivered to customers in real-time across a number of marketing channels. 74% of consumers are frustrated when content isn’t personalized. Consumers have so much information readily available at…

How our end users have absolute control over their data

End users of WiFi should have control over the data they are willing to share with companies. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into full force on 25th May this year, the biggest revision to data privacy and security in 20 years by the European Union parliament, but there is no reason end users…

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