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The Internet of Behavior – A marketing breakthrough or moral conundrum?

A quick summary of IoT – The “Internet Of Things” The “Internet of Things” was coined by British technology pioneer, Kevin Ashton in 1999, defining it as a system in which the internet is connected to the physical world by utilizing sensors and RFID tags. You can visualize the ‘IoT’…

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holiday shopping trends
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Holiday shopping trends may be about Black Friday now, but you’re open 11 more months of the year too

One-third of consumers who plan to shop during the holiday season say they will brave Black Friday crowds this year, down from 51% in 2016 and 59% the year before, according to professional services giant, PwC. The latest holiday shopping trends study by PwC found there will be almost the…

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Purple's top 6 digital marketing trends for 2016
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Purple’s top 6 digital marketing trends for 2016

2016 is the year of the customer. But wait a minute, wasn’t 2015 the year of the customer? In fact, for several years it’s been all hail customer centric marketing. But 2016 really does feel as though it could be the year we begin to put the customer up front…

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