Tag: digital privacy

Parents give up children in exchange for free WiFi

It sounds pretty ideal. You get free WiFi whilst someone else watches your children for a few hours, brilliant! Is this in a play centre perhaps or a theme park maybe? Unfortunately not. A rather interesting study was carried out in London recently. F-Secure offered people use of free WiFi, except it wasn’t quite free. The Ts…

How much personal information would you share?

One of the current debates about WiFi and social media sites is the debate on privacy and how much information should be available for other people to see and use. Would you be prepared to share everything that you wrote by text, posted on social media sites, or even in a phone call? The advice…

What do Google and the Tech Giants know about us?

Is ignorance bliss? Or would better understanding of technology alleviate our privacy concerns? Are we over-sharing our data? Facebook’s study about emotional contagion in June of this year raised questions about privacy, consent and how much data we’re sharing online without even knowing. The data scientists behind the study deliberately manipulated the news feeds of almost 700,000…

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