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Purple continues to add exceptional talent to its healthcare team by partnering with Mike Farrar, an industry expert adviser. Purple, the Indoor Location Services company, announced today that Mike Farrar has been appointed as a new Healthcare industry adviser of the company. This prominent thought leader and consultant will be leveraging his expertise within the…

In 2015, Jeremy Hunt declared that all NHS buildings across England would be provided with free WiFi in a bid to improve services and reduce costs. Fast forward two years and it looks like this will soon come to fruition as all GP practices will have free WiFi for patients, visitors and staff by the…

Baroness Lane-Fox drives digital transformation for the NHS

  This week Baroness Martha Lane-Fox suggested serious technological changes to the NHS in her detailed review for the government. In July 2015, Jeremy Hunt tasked Baroness Lane-Fox with job of considering the digital future of the NHS. Released on the 10th December, the document makes recommendations which included free WiFi for patients, digital skills…

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