Tag: privacy

How our end users have absolute control over their data

End users of WiFi should have control over the data they are willing to share with companies. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into full force on 25th May this year, the biggest revision to data privacy and security in 20 years by the European Union parliament, but there is no reason end users…

How much personal information would you share?

One of the current debates about WiFi and social media sites is the debate on privacy and how much information should be available for other people to see and use. Would you be prepared to share everything that you wrote by text, posted on social media sites, or even in a phone call? The advice…

Exploring privacy issues as a public WiFi provider

With the proliferation of WiFi enabled devices, data usage and surge in internet connectivity worldwide, and the predictions of how everything from our refrigerators to our cars will soon be connected to the internet, the ‘privacy debate’ is becoming more important than ever. With shocking personal data thefts being reported like the epic hacking of…

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