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I’ve written quite a lot recently about how consumer sentiment towards safety and risk has changed more in the past 9 months than it has for the majority of my life. Until recently safety was a given. If you visited a shop or a restaurant you expected to be safe. No one was banging on…

Quality food, service and pricing are just some of the key ingredients that make a dining experience memorable and worth talking about. With 92% of people regularly or occasionally reading online reviews and 88% trusting them as much as personal recommendations, if your customers aren’t talking about your restaurant both online and offline then you…

Eldan Hotel gets 218% more TripAdvisor reviews by using Purple

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has enabled the Eldan Hotel to collect 218% more guest reviews on TripAdvisor following the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution by Certified Purple Partner, Boot Net Ltd. The four-star hotel in Jerusalem is working with Purple and Boot Net Ltd. to offer a fast, free guest WiFi solution,…

The Future of Hotels: It’s all about personalization

Last month saw Purple and Cisco Meraki welcome guests from the hotel industry to an event at the Lancaster Hotel in London, called “The Future of Hotels”. Purple partners, hoteliers and journalists attended the event which uncovered the future of the hotel industry and how new technology and means of connectivity can and will create…

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