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customer surveys in fashion retailers
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Customer surveys in all retail environments have been vital to the long-term success and survival of some of the world’s leading brands, and yet they are not seen as a constant necessity to continually improve experiences or understand customer expectations. In this blog, we’re going to reveal the power of customer surveys and the benefits…

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Here at Purple, we have a reputation for breaking new ground. We were the first mover in our market, delivering a unique WiFi and analytics solution to business and venues around the world that provides them with customer insights and marketing tools for real world spaces. Tomorrow, Tuesday March 28th, will mark another first for…

Guest blog: US cities with the best WiFi coverage
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Wi-Fi everywhere is becoming more than a slogan. As is evident from the infographic, cities continue to add public Wi-Fi options, giving residents and visitors access to free Internet access through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Cities often place these public Wi-Fi networks in areas where a lot of people tend to gather for an extended…

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