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A report produced by Deloitte on the value of patient experience highlighted that Hospitals with a “low” HCAHPS rating (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) saw a net margin of 1.8%. Whereas, Hospitals with an “excellent” HCAHPS rating saw a net margin of 4.7% on average, indicating the importance of patient and visitor…

Indoor GPS Navigation

Wayfinding is defined as information that assists with guiding people in a physical environment or enhancing their experience within it, you know the signs they have in hospitals that ensure you don’t end up on an operating table instead of the x-ray department? Technology is putting a new spin on the traditional signs, enabling us…

Fast-growth data analytics firm Purple WiFi has acquired US wayfinding business LogicJunction. In the deal announced today, Manchester-headquartered Purple confirmed the takeover of Ohio-based LogicJunction, with the combined businesses operating under the Purple brand. The acquisition is a majority stock deal, with the existing management team and employee base joining the Purple team. Purple offers…

We believe WiFi will be used to help transform healthcare.   Since our last article on the subject of WiFi in the healthcare industry, there have been many more interesting blogs circulating the net. so we thought we would write an update. How does WiFi help staff and patients alike? In an article posted by…

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