UK Pubs and restaurants to be forced to take customer details for Test and Trace

Due to a recent spike in Coronavirus cases across the UK, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock has said it will be compulsory for pubs and restaurants to take customers’ details for the Test and Trace program.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is to announce today that social gatherings of 6 or more are to be made illegal from Monday, amid fears of a second wave.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Matt Hancock said: “We’re also going to enforce more strictly the rules around hospitality, including for instance you need to give your contact details when you go to hospitality, which has so far been voluntary”.

What does this mean for UK hospitality businesses?

Up until now, it has been voluntary for businesses to collect customer details, with reports of up to a ⅓ of UK businesses failing to do so correctly. 

Businesses will now be forced to collect customer information which means that customers/visitors prior to even entering the establishment must provide the required details for the Test and Trace program, which are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile contact number
  • Date of visit, arrival time, and if possible, departure time.

Once collected, the data must be stored securely in accordance with GDPR and other UK data protection laws.

For many businesses manually collecting customer details and then storing them safely is going be in a long-winded process which if not done correctly, could result in fines during a time where cash flow for a large number of businesses is already tight.  

How to safely collect customer details for the Test and Trace Program

Collecting customer information and storing it correctly is a time-consuming process for the majority of businesses which threatens operationally efficiency and revenue. 

Purple has developed free Test and Trace software that allows visitors to provide contact details via their mobile devices safely without the need for close human interaction, the system is currently being used across the UK in 2247 venues with over 1.6m users.

The software allows users to enter their details into a captive portal using the guest wifi, which then automatically logs to date and arrival time, it will also log the departure time once the guest has left the premises.

Once entered the details are then stored securely in an encrypted platform, fully compliant with GDPR where Purple will even manage any Test and Trace inquiries by coordinating with the authorities on users’ behalves and automating notifications to visitors they may have come in contact with someone that has tested positive. 

All personal data collected using the software will be automatically deleted after 21 days on the business’s behalf, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the current UK regulations on Test and Trace data collection.

Purple also enables businesses you use the free software to create templates to create Test and Trace posters to place in their venues, alerting visitors to the process. 

Businesses that use the test and trace and also own purples network or enterprise license can reap additional benefits.

Collecting Test and Trace details via WiFi means that a large proportion of customers will sign in to the network, enabling businesses to use information captured from WiFi sign in to build better customer profiles and understand how their venue is being utilized. 

Test and trace contact form
Purple Test and Trace application

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