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Working from home and social distancing – The new normal

There is no doubt that everyone has heard the phrase ‘the new normal’ used over the past few weeks.

From Purple’s latest report on footfall trends, the world is slowly (and in some parts of the world, not so slowly) returning to normal. For some, the way they work will be forever changed and the reliance of tech and a stable home internet connection will be crucial.

Many people will have been newly introduced to the concept of home working to ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to and employee welfare is at the forefront of business operations.

At Purple, it was a pre-pandemic focus that the company could work remotely with no need to access our office space. We tried a business-wide working from home week, or better known as “The Week Without Pants”, inspired by the book The Year Without Pants.

After initial teething issues were ironed out and it was clear we could function remotely without issue and “Work from Home Wednesdays” became a crucial part to our working week.
Everyone at Purple works one day a week from home; something which many of us love. Not only does it offer flexibility for staff but it’s a day to get work done and focus, free of distraction. It’s also a mid-week recharge day to give employees a break from a stressful commute, often allowing staff to start their days earlier.

Colleagues when returning to the office the next day, come with a fresh feeling of increased motivation to end the week on a high instead of what could have been a sluggish end and a greater TGIF feeling.

Not forgetting to mention the goal of being prepared for a disaster if the office was to be deemed inaccessible.

Being able to function remotely is something which turned out to be one of Purples greatest strengths during the pandemic.

We were all familiar with working from home and had the equipment necessary to carry out our roles without obstruction. There was no mass panic of not having enough laptops to go around, no technical issues caused by outdated infrastructure.

Thanks to a smooth switch to home working, the business could carry on as close to normal as possible, whilst ensuring the safety of the team.

Being on hand to support customers and carry on close to normal was something that many companies who failed to digitize could not fully achieve, something I feel will impact the future of certain businesses.

It’s given us an opportunity to focus on new advancements for our product and look to the future of what will be considered a ‘new normal’ and It will be our customers who benefit from this.

I’m proud to work for a company who has been ahead of the times with digitization and remote resources, not only does it demonstrate safety and putting staff first, but it also makes Purple stand out as a pro-active business as opposed to many who have been reactive during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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