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Buenos Aires Trap case study

Hipódromo de Palermo is home to a number of large events during the course of the year but on 30th November 2019, it saw a huge millennial festival being hosted at its venue, the Buenos Aires Trap event. The trap genre-based event saw over 15,000 attendees during a 12 hour period.  


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The Challenge

With an event of this size and with such a large number of people around, it’s easy to lose friends, lose yourself and lose track of time, all of which have the potential for causing attendees to miss their favorite acts.  

One of the key problems that event organizers quickly identified is the potential issue of poor cell phone signal, which could be an obstacle for the guests as they could be using websites, social media, etc. to keep track of event updates, set times, staying in touch with friends and other important information that may occur regarding the event. 

The Solution

Upon identifying and troubleshooting this issue at an early stage, Purple, with the assistance of Efan, was able to provide an effective resolution to this issue, free guest wifi.

Purple set up a large number of access points (AP’s) across the venue to ensure that there was maximum coverage across the event, achieving maximum guest satisfaction whilst overcoming the issues that were discovered at the early onset of planning. 

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The Results

Providing high-quality guest wifi across a large scale outdoor venue proved challenging at first but with the use of over 100 Meraki access points and Purple’s network, the event saw 1500 connections during a 12 hour period, around 10% of total attendees, which is a massive success for hosting this first time. 

The inclusion of free guest wifi with the price of venue entrance even attracted the attention of popular digital news outlets such as Infobae and Billboard. Ariel Salvetti, an organizer for the event said “The first test was successful with the reports being delivered to the music producers of the event”, she then proceeded to say “we will be shortly hosting a soccer tournament where 40,000 people will attend, we are looking forward to seeing the results of this event also”. 

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