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Farmacorp is the largest pharmacy chain in Bolivia. The business began with a small pharmacy in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra over 80 years ago and has grown to become the country’s largest chain of pharmaceutical goods.


Increase in customer data collected

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Decrease in average waiting time


ROI through Captive Portal revenue

The Objectives

Farmacorp wanted to understand more about their customers who were entering its physical stores and collect data on these people so that the business could continue to develop and enrich their current customer profiles, the target was set at a 50% increase over the year.

Their second objective was to understand the average dwell time in their pharmacies as this would be a key indicator of how efficient the in-store service was and at the time of first reporting, the average dwell time was around 50 minutes, which for a pharmacy could be an issue, potentially creating friction between frustrated guests and staff.

The final objective that Purple’s solution had been brought in to assist with was increasing the return on investment for Farmacorp’s digital and email marketing campaigns.

The Solution

In conjunction with Farmacorp, Purple presented solutions for each key objectives that Farmacorp had set out to achieve over the course of 2019. Purple implemented a success plan with a key member of our CSM team who would be at the helm of this project, ensuring its success.

To ensure that correct data was being collected to enrich current CRM records, WiFi analytics software was laid over the top of existing guest WiFi, enabling Farmacorp to collect the data of anyone who authenticated onto the guest WiFi via the captive portal which uses a combination of field form data and social sign-in data (if logged in via a social media profile) this would be then downloaded and then uploaded to their CRM system.

As previously mentioned, early testing had shown that the average dwell time one of Farmacorps stores was approximately 50 minutes.

With the use of Purple`s software implementation, Farmacorp is now able to understand who has entered a venue and how long the visitor “dwelled” on the premises.

The final solution presented was our WiFi Marketing solution which enabled Farmacorp to allow other companies to advertise on their splash page during the customer login process.

Using the data captured within the portal would enable Farmacorp to tailor its sponsors for its splash page ads based on detailed customer demographics and behavior.

The Results

After the initial implementation stated above, our CSM team worked alongside Farmacorp together during the year of 2019, measuring results of the solutions suggested.

The target that Farmacorp wanted to achieve was a 50% increase in customer details collected and the simple and seamless login solutions for the guest WiFi actually help increase the companies CRM records by 83%, overachieving the original goal by a huge 33%.

The average dwell time at the start of this project was averaging at around 50 minutes, which is not ideal for a pharmacy. Farmacorp prides themselves on the attentiveness of their staff so they wish for this to resonate throughout the business, across all their stores.

With the help of Purple’s centralized dashboard for reporting, Farmacorp was able to identify individual stores with lower dwell times and then upper management could then begin to understand what those top performers were doing differently.

Using the data collected, Farmacorp was able to optimize its in-store experience and the overall dwell time in-store was reduced to just 26 minutes, creating an overall increase in customer satisfaction and experience across the business as a whole.

The data used from the installation of our WiFi analytics solution helped build more enriched customer profiles which enabled Farmacorp to produce more relevant, hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

These highly targeted campaigns helped Farmacorp see a 644% ROI on campaigns over the year.

The huge return on investment was generated by Farmacorp allowing sponsors to advertise on their splash pages during the guest login process.

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