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KidZania London is one franchise of the privately-owned international company KidZania, which serves to provide indoor entertainment primarily for children aged 4 – 14. The experience and service provided is comprised of a child-sized city for kids to explore, featuring replicas of the most representative aspects of a real city, providing them with the opportunity of spending their KidZos, the city’s currency which all visitors are given upon entry, or taking up work in the various city establishments in order to earn more under the support of city Zupervisors.


average visitors per month


average customers connecting to WiFi per month


of users are usually first-time visitors


Through installing an advanced WiFi network, KidZania hoped to not only deliver a secure and easy-to-access network for their customers, but to also collect valuable demographic data to help them better understand their visitors and how they interact within the venue. 

Cleo Cheong, CRM Executive at KidZania London, said: “At peak times, we can have over 2.5K visitors. We had no immediate visibility or idea who our customers were and no way to collect specific information to help with personalizing our marketing communications.”


Through the implementation of WiFi analytics, KidZania hope to:  

  • Take a more tailored approach to marketing communications to help solidify customer loyalty and increase engagement
  • Increase the number of customers who sign up to their newsletter 



Purple-powered WiFi has been installed over 30+ Ruckus access points offering a widespread and consistent connection throughout the venue.

Customers are able to access the network quickly using either a short registration form or their Facebook credentials. KidZania have also made full use of custom HTML splash pages, recently advertising their annual pass and summer camp. 

“Through the WiFi platform, we are able to disperse new promotions and offers, therefore Purple WiFi becomes another marketing platform for us”, Cheong explained.

Results so far

KidZania sees around 34,889 visitors each month, with an average of 1,740 customers connecting to and using the WiFi on a regular day. Cheong, said: “82% of users are usually first-time visitors and we have an important task to make sure that we provide a great overall experience right from the start.

“We now have the ability to analyze information regarding individuals and their visiting habits, we are also able to view our customers favored type of connection whether through Facebook or through our online registration form.”

“We have also started exploring the micro-survey function offered within the Purple platform which has allowed us to explore tailoring different feedback forms to specific customer groups, including KidZania’s primary target markets; teachers and parents.”

Moving forward, KidZania hope to build more campaigns incorporating micro-surveys to gather more data regarding their customers. They also wish to use Purple to help increase newsletter sign ups through driving a positive experience and association towards the brand. Currently, 30% of new newsletter sign-ups are from customers who have connected to the WiFi. 

Cheong, concluded: “Overall, we are really happy with the solution and the potential it offers. The new Purple portal has a fresh layout which allows for manoeuvring through data with ease and the Purple customer success and support teams have been very responsive and have provided a lot of support for the KidZania account.”

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