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King’s Cross – London

King’s Cross have partnered with Haptic Networks and Purple to deliver a free, fast and secure guest WiFi network across their 67 acre site in the heart of London. The new infrastructure, including WiFi analytics, means guests have access to a secure WiFi connection whilst also enabling King’s Cross to collect key demographic and presence data – ultimately transforming the new network into a revenue generating tool.


acre site with homes, bars, restaurants, offices and more


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King’s Cross is one of the largest and most exciting redevelopments in London. The site has a rich history and a unique setting. What was an underused industrial wasteland is being transformed into a new part of the city with homes, shops, offices, galleries, bars, restaurants, schools and even a university.


The issue

With nearly 70 acres of large open spaces, mixed use buildings, and over 50 million people visiting each year, King’s Cross faced a number of challenges with network coverage, stability and user density. The network had also been added to and amended by a number of different service providers over the years; resulting in a network that was incredibly difficult to manage.

Further to this, King’s Cross were not able to use the existing network to identify and engage with guests – this meant they were losing out on an incredibly important data stream that could generate significant ROI.


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The solution

Haptic designed a new solution that focused on improving the reliability and coverage of the existing hardware, whilst also consolidating and simplifying the entire solution. 

With the new infrastructure in place, Purple was expertly installed across 60 access points. Purple provided an authentication method for WiFi users that was quick, simple and seamless, allowing them to login in seconds using either their social media accounts or a short registration form. When guests connect, King’s Cross can capture demographic and behavioral data including name, date of birth, interests, footfall, dwell time, frequency of visits and more.

By collecting and analyzing the customer data from the Purple portal, King’s Cross are now able to tailor the experience to individual guests; increasing loyalty by differentiating the experience and driving customer spend through engagement personalized to their interests.

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