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Mall Las Brisas case study

Mall Las Brisas is a premium shopping mall based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. With over 6,000 visitors each day, Las Brisas were looking for a solution that would help take the customer experience to the next level; encouraging customers to stay longer and visit the mall more frequently.

Through the installation of WiFi analytics, in just four months, Las Brisas collected data on over 5,000 unique individuals, and plan to use this data to personalize customer engagement.


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The Challange

The analytics solution offered by Ubiquiti that Las Brisas were previously using had limited reporting and dashboard functionality, which made it increasingly difficult to analyze the data collected on customers.

Not only this, but the WiFi network was patchy at best and connectivity often dropped off. Without seamless login for guests, customers would have to login back into the WiFi every time they stepped out of range of an access point.

Lack of seamless login also made it very difficult for Las Brisas to understand which visitors were returning to their venue. They had to rely on guests actively logging back into the WiFi every time they visited the mall.

These limitations meant that Las Brisas were unable to collect data on a lot of their guests, and the data they did collect was difficult to segment.

Lucas Lizza, CTO at Las Brisas, said: “The lack of seamless login was a huge pain point for us. Guests would get disconnected every time they moved away from an access point, and would have to go through the whole login process again to reconnect. This really limited the amount of data we were able to collect.”


Through installing Purple, Las Brisas hoped to deliver a widespread and secure guest WiFi network to enhance the customer experience, whilst also collecting valuable demographic and behavioral data to support marketing campaigns and personalize customer engagement.

Through the implementation of WiFi analytics, Las Brisas aimed to:

  • Eliminate their previous network issues, significantly improving the customer experience through delivering a secure, widespread and seamless network
  • Deliver a personalized experience for customers – sending real-time and relevant e-shots and SMS alerts to customers whilst in store to drive spend and encourage repeat visits
  • To send offers to customers on their birthdays, encouraging them to visit the mall on that day

Marcia Raldes, CMO at Las Brisas commented: “We hoped to gather as much data from our customers as possible, and use this data to build better marketing and sales strategies tailored towards key customer demographics, like, dislikes etc. We also hoped to resolve the technical challenges we faced with our previous network.”

Lizza said: “During our initial research phase, we found that Purple had a lot more features than other WiFi analytics providers. The analytics and reports from Purple were far more advanced than any others we had seen, and a significant improvement on what we had in place.”

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The Solution

In February 2017, Purple was expertly installed by network provider, InCloud, across a number of access points throughout the mall.

Lizza said: “Purple has delivered a platform that has helped us improve the customer experience. Not only do customers now have easy and seamless access to the WiFi throughout the mall, but with the customer data we are collecting, we will be able to personalize our interaction with new and returning guests.”

Lizza continued: “We want our customers to visit the mall more frequently, and we want to encourage them to stay longer. We know that in order to drive this, we need to make sure we keep up to date with the latest data capture methods and embed smart technology into our business.”


The Purple solution significantly enhanced what Las Brisas already had in place; providing a seamless and effective means of gathering and analyzing customer data.

Since the installation, Las Brisas has seen over 5,000 unique users connect to the WiFi, with this figure slowly increasing as more people become aware of the new WiFi infrastructure.

Lizza said: “The number one benefit of having Purple in our shopping mall is that the solution affords us the opportunity to get to know our customer base. We want to enhance the customer experience, and to do this we need to understand our customers preferences and expectations.

“Around 6,000 people visit the mall each day and Purple has enabled us to start capturing their data. We’ve so far been really impressed with the solution, and it is great to see that the number of people connecting to the WiFi is increasing each week. We put this down to awareness, but also the ease of access for customers and the seamless login.

“Social login is a great addition – it’s our most popular login method, with close to 65% of users using Facebook to access the network.”

Lizza concludes: “We have collected a really good amount of valuable information that has been shared by our customers. This data will be used to send e-shots and marketing campaigns with personalized products, offers and information to our customers based on specific demographics. We hope this activity will help us achieve our goals of getting customers to spend more time in the mall and visit the mall more frequently – this is something we will be monitoring closely throughout the year.”

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