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Schilthorn case study

Schilthorn is a famous peak in Switzerland that can be reached by boarding the longest aerial cableway in the Alps. The summit offers panoramic views of over 200 peaks and is home to Piz Gloria, the world’s first revolving mountain top restaurant, which was also a James Bond film location in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Purple and Unico Data AG worked with the team at Schilthorn to deploy guest WiFi and analytics at various locations on the cableway and mountaintop. Using Zyxel hardware, Purple was officially activated back in January 2017 and the team has already seen thousands of visitors access the WiFi.


Average WiFi users per month


Of users connecting through social media


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The Challenge

Connectivity was already available to visitors of Schilthorn prior to Purple, but the WiFi had no form of registration, meaning the sites marketing team had minimal visibility about the type of visitors they were attracting. Now, with these insights, it is easier to effectively develop targeted offers and marketing campaigns that suits their most popular age range, gender and user locations.

The team also had concerns about WiFi security with their current system and sought an alternative solution that complied with the legal requirements around registering people onto the WiFi. They wanted to ensure users have complete peace of mind that the network can be accessed securely.


Schilthorn was initially introduced to Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution by Studerus, a distributor of Zyxel hardware in the region. The company advised that Purple was compatible with their WiFi products and following this recommendation Schilthorn signed a one year contract with Purple and Unico Data AG.

Purple’s cloud based platform was installed at five cable car stations, Piz Gloria and the other restaurants on Schilthorn and Allmendhubel. The solution adheres to the customer’s core requirements as it complies with regulations around data security and allows them gather more information about their visitors.

Prior to the launch of the WiFi, a fully branded splash page was developed featuring imagery, logos and a weather widget. This splash page appears when people want to access the network and allows users to log in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or a short form.

A Peak in Users

In just six months the WiFi network has received a significant amount of visitor traction, with almost 18,000 people logging in. 51% of individuals choose to do so via using their social media profiles, with Facebook proving to be the most popular platform.

Commenting on the value of the WiFi to visitors, Alan Ramsay, Sales Manager at Schilthorn Cableway, said: “We receive many comments about how great it is to have high speed WiFi at 3000 metres above sea level. In terms of the level of users, we aren’t surprised by this figure as we knew connectivity would be popular at a major tourist location like ours.”

Through offering visitors high speed connectivity, it allows users to upload pictures, post on social media sites and easily communicate with friends and family worldwide.

Alan adds: “Free WiFi is a standard offering these days in the tourism industry, by enabling visitors to access social media and post about their experience it helps us to advertise Schilthorn through various platforms. WiFi also provides our international clients with a way of keeping in touch with home and friends, which in turn improves the customer experience.”

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Social Climber

When customers access the network, they are prompted to ‘like’ the official Facebook page for Schilthorn-Piz Gloria. Since implementing the solution, the Facebook page has received an additional 2,500 likes, which is a 28% increase on the total figure before using Purple. The team at Schilthorn recognise the value of a strong social media presence in todays digitised society and feel it is a great method of advertising and raising awareness of their venues, products, events and offers.

The team has been particularly surprised to find out where the majority of their WiFi users are from. The portal has identified that the top 3 user locations are Thailand, South Korea and the UK. Commenting on these results, Alan said: “This is a surprise as it doesn’t reflect the split in our visitors. We will definitely use the results to adjust our marketing communications in the future.”

Exploring Enhanced

The team of Schilthorn is currently using Purple’s Foundation licence which only enables customers to access a select set of analytics and features on the portal. By upgrading to Purple Enhanced their marketing team would be able to start downloading all of the CRM data from everyone who logs onto the network, utilise Purple’s various marketing tools and activate connectors such as TripAdvisor, which lets companies send automated prompts to customers for a TripAdvisor review 24 hours after they have visited.

Alan adds: “We are analysing whether to upgrade in order to collect more information about our customers and will adjust our marketing in accordance to the figures.”

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