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Sofology case study

Sofology are excited to be working with Purple, CDW and Cisco Meraki, to install an analytics-driven guest WiFi network in a number of their stores across the UK.

Sofology is the UK’s fastest growing sofa specialist, and is rapidly becoming recognized for its commitment to delivering a stand-out customer experience, both online and in-store. As part of this commitment, Sofology have now invested in an advanced guest WiFi network to further enhance the in-store experience.

Mike Smith, Regional Manager at Sofology, said: “We find the majority of our customers have already done some online research, so through offering free WiFi in-store, we allow them to continue that journey and actually look at the sofas they have no doubt already viewed online, in the flesh – without having to worry about using their data.”

Nicola Cottrell, Head of CRM at Sofology, added: “We are now presenting an additional opportunity for customers and prospects to engage with us without any intrusion. This really appeals to us as we know that customer led interactions are by far the most rewarding and most likely to give us the highest return on investment. It’s also become an additional conversational topic to discuss with our customers and suits our no pressure, no commission model.” 

Sofology required a solution that could be implemented seamlessly without disrupting their already fine tuned customer experience. “We’ve spent years perfecting it and needed to work with a solution that could be integrated without any disruptions. Purple were the perfect partner to work with” said Cottrell.


CRM records collected in just three months


Of CRM records collected not known to business


Cisco Meraki access points


Prior to the installation of Purple, Sofology had no way of capturing customer data in-store. They only counted the number of customers that entered their stores through footfall trackers.

Cottrell, said: “We have thousands of customers visiting our stores each month but unless they sit down with one of our Sofologists and either create a new MySofology account or pick up an existing journey, they are just a number to us. We have no way of capturing their data, or connecting with them in the future.”

On average, Sofology see tens of thousands of visitors to their stores each month, with roughly a third engaging with one of their Sofologists. Purple has been brought in as a solution to help Sofology target those who do not convert.

The data captured through Purple will allow Sofology to:

  • Add to their existing customer data platform
  • Further differentiate themselves from the competition through offering an experience tailored to customer preferences
  • Communicate to customers about their brand pillars (no commission, no pressure, no salesman etc.) 
  • Create a follow up customer journey where they encourage potential customers who visited their stores but did not transact to create a MySofology account
  • Share the benefits of having a MySofology account


Guests can access the network quickly and seamlessly, through a branded splash page with the option to fill out a short registration form or their Facebook credentials. 



When guests connect, the network compliantly captures their data, allowing Sofology to significantly increase the number of leads within their customer data platform (CDP). 

Cottrell, said: “Whilst we were discussing the potential of working with Purple, we were also going through a migration project to our new customer data platform, Exponea. As we were producing the scope, it became clear there could be a really exciting opportunity to develop a custom integration between Purple and Exponea. With both companies being so flexible, we had an initial discussion about creating a link between the two systems that would give us a real-time connection. Both partners were willing and able to get the right people together to discuss the potential and I’m really happy to say that we’re not far away from implementing it. Once complete, we’ll have the ability to use the information we already know about our customers from our CDP to further personalize the journey with Purple WiFi. It seems the perfect synergy between partners who are constantly providing opportunities to discuss further innovation with their offering, further confirming that we made the right decision in choosing both Purple and Exponea to work with.” 

Results so far

Purple has been installed over 124 Cisco Meraki access points. Since the installation just a couple of months ago Sofology have collected over 1,500 leads, 75% of which were not already known to the brand.

Cottrell, said: “By matching the data collected from Purple WiFi with Exponea, we know that 75% were not already known to Sofology, so we’re easily growing our database. We know these people have already visited one of our stores, which is a key indicator of the propensity to buy from us. By partnering with Purple WiFi, we can now make our existing media spend work harder with a very modest investment.”

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