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Sofology is the UK’s fastest-growing sofa specialist and has become recognized for its commitment to delivering stand-out customer experience, both online and in-store. As part of this commitment, Sofology invested in guest WiFi and visitor analytics to enhance the in-store experience.


ROI in new customer orders


ROI offline to online store orders


ROI in new MySofology orders


On average, Sofology sees tens of thousands of visitors to their stores each month, with roughly a third engaging with one of their Sofologists.  

Purple has been brought in as a solution to help Sofology target those who do not engage.

The data captured through Purple will allow Sofology to:

  • Add to their existing customer data platform
  • Further differentiate themselves from the competition by offering an experience tailored to customer preferences
  • Communicate to customers about their brand 
  • Create a follow-up customer journey where they encourage potential customers who visited their stores but did not transact to create a MySofology account
  • Share the benefits of having a MySofology account
  • Understand how customer behavior has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic 


Visitors are able to now access the network quickly and seamlessly, through a branded splash page, with the option to fill out a short registration form or connect using their Facebook credentials.  

Once guests connect to the WiFi, data captured from the login form or social login automatically populate within Sofology’s CRM, significantly increasing the number of leads.

Sofology uses Exponea to manage their CRM data. Purple’s integration with Exponea allows for data to be fed across platforms in real-time. This integration, amongst others, is a ready-made connector available to all customers. 

This provides Sofology with a full understanding of the customer journey, from the moment they first log in to the WiFi, to their re-visit, purchase, and feedback. 

In order to understand the effect of the closure it was important to cross-reference the WiFi database from visits 1 Feb-22 Mar, against online purchases made during the lockdown, and re-visits once stores re-opened.


The campaign launched in June 2019 and within the first 3 month’s Purple with the help of CDW and Cisco Meraki installed 124 Meraki AP’s.

This allowed them to capture over 1,500 CRM records, 75% of which were unknown to the business prior to the collection of data.

Sofology promoted the use of guest WiFi in their stores and as of now have managed to collect a total of 11,155 customers, 90% previously unknown to the business. 

329 of these contacts then proceeded to make an order, in which Sofology saw a 2,121% ROI on this investment alone. 

A large part of the furniture chain plan was to drive offline visitors online through the use of highly personalized marketing campaigns, using the data collected from WiFi authentications.

Those that logged in and failed to make a purchase in-store were sent follow-up emails and offers, this resulted in 274% ROI.

In addition to this Sofology wanted to see an increase in the number of subscribers to MySofology. 

372 new customers who were discovered through WiFi went on to create a MySofology account

Sofology emphasized the fact that users of the MySofology account are 17x more likely to go on to make a purchase, compared to visitors who do not.  

40% of the new users then went on to make a purchase, with a total order ROI of 1,061%.

Nicola Cottrell, Head of CRM at Sofology said:

“Not only was this campaign a reflection of the technology we’ve implemented but it also confirms we’re working with the right partner who sees the success of their clients as part of the partnership and will work with us to deliver these successful campaigns and be a part of our future development. We’re excited to see what we can achieve in the future” 

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