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Tryon International Equestrian Center

Tryon International Equestrian Center teamed up with Purple and Ruckus to install a new guest WiFi network, equipped with WiFi analytics, that enables guests to connect quickly and securely, whilst also allowing Tryon to capture key customer data and understand footfall throughout their venue.

Tryon International Equestrian Center at Tryon Resort, host of the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018, is one of the world’s premier equestrian lifestyle destinations, with first-class facilities for all eight FEI disciplines.

Over the course of this year’s FEI World Equestrian Games, from September 11th – 23rd, Tryon saw a total of 1.3 million visits to their venue and collected close to 8,000 new customer records with Purple.


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new customer records collected


Due to the scale of this event, Tryon knew they had to deliver an exceptional WiFi experience for guests.

Michelle Yelton, Tryon’s Director of PR and Marketing, said: “Improving the customer on-site experience was really important. We expected a large volume of visitors, and we needed a WiFi network that would be able to support this.”

Also, Tryon’s existing infrastructure did not allow them to capture customer data and track footfall.

Yelton, continued: “Aside from this particular event, we have free admission, so we don’t have the benefit of ticketing data to help us understand our visitors. We want to learn more about the people who visit our venue all year round to allow us to refine our marketing strategies.”


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Purple was successfully installed across 343 access points. Visitors now have access to a secure WiFi connection whilst also enabling Tryon to collect demographic, contact and behavioral data; transforming the new network into a revenue generating tool.

By capturing and segmenting this data, Tryon can now tailor the experience to individuals; increasing loyalty and customer spend through personalized engagement and messaging.


Over the course of the 13 day event, Tryon saw a total of 1.3 million visits to their venue, and collected close to 8,000 new customer records with Purple.

With presence analytics enabled, Tryon were also able to track customer flow throughout the venue and identify their most popular locations. Of the Nine zones set up with location analytics, World Equine Expo was their most visited location, closely followed by Tryon Stadium.

Yelton, said: “Purple has allowed us to better understand the demographics of our onsite audience, which was especially useful when hosting the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018. This data allows us to more accurately showcase what audiences attended versus who tuned in online or by TV.”

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