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Case Studies

USS Midway case study

The USS Midway is the world’s most visited historic naval ship. The ship is the length of three football fields, as high as a 20 storey building, contains 2000 compartments and weighs almost 70,000 tons.

The surface of the flight deck covers more than four acres. Docked in San Diego Bay, the USS Midway has more than 200 exhibits, nine classrooms and shops, all of which attract a whopping 1.2 million visitors every year.


The length of 3 football fields


Height of a 20 storey building


1.2 million visitors every year


  • Facilitate WiFi logins through social networks that guests already use and trust.
  • Show museum management team valuable data and reports.
  • Personalize the guest experience using the data collected.


The USS Midway partnered with Purple, Equinox Telecom and Ruckus Wireless for the WiFi installation. Ruckus was chosen because their technology creates a robust, reliable WiFi infrastructure in even the most challenging and unusual environments.

Once it was proven that the Ruckus access points solved the connection and signal problems the ship had previously experienced, the door was open to implement some of the smartest technology around. This is where Purple comes in.

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