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WiFi analytics powered campaign generates 37.12% conversion rate for Wok&Go

Purple and hospitality guest WiFi specialists, Smarter WiFi, have been working with Wok&Go for close to three years helping them offer a high-speed WiFi connection for guests, whilst also capturing customer data and driving marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing spend and retention.

The Purple-powered solution is currently present in eight Wok&Go restaurants across the UK, collecting on average, 650 new customer records per month.

In a recent SMS campaign, ran over the course of seven days, Wok&Go converted 37.12% of contacts collected through WiFi analytics into repeat customers; generating over £450.


day campaign


new lines of customer data collected


conversion rate

The overall aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of weekly offers to drive footfall into their Manchester Piccadilly branch.

Jordan Tew, Digital Marketer at Wok&Go, said: “We had been promoting our weekly offers on social media, but not all of our customers follow us there, so many weren’t aware of the deals. We therefore decided to run an initial campaign aimed at increasing the number of customers on our subscriber list.”

Wok&Go ran a week-long campaign from November 19th – 25th, offering customers a free noodle box if they registered to use their in-store WiFi.

The captive login portal, offered as part of the Smarter WiFi and Purple solution, meant when customers connected (and accepted the Terms and Conditions), their details were captured and stored within a centralized dashboard ready for Wok&Go to access to action the next stage of the campaign.

Over the course of that week, Wok&Go collected 264 new customer records.

Wok&Go then used this data to launch an SMS campaign through the solutions built-in marketing tools to promote their ‘meat-free Monday’ and ‘2 for £10 Tuesday’ offers.

“The SMS campaign was a huge success,” explained, Tew. “We sent out a text message to the 264 WiFi users and 98 of them showed up to the Manchester store to redeem one of our offers the following week.”

Tew, concluded: “The WiFi analytics solution offered by Smarter WiFi and Purple allowed us to not only execute this campaign, but also to expand the campaigns reach and overall success.”

Ben Edkins, Operations Manager at Smarter WiFi, commented: “We’ve loved working with Jordan and the rest of the team at Wok&Go. They are proactive across the portal, taking advantage of emails and SMS messaging. They’ve focused their marketing at specific sites at different times to really use the system to their advantage. With the amount of data they collect, it’s great to see the Purple platform in full action and supporting the business.”

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