Dallas Burston Polo Club

Purple’s free product is a hit with award winning polo club

Dallas Burston Polo Club is a popular events venue located in Southam, Warwickshire. The club, which is set across 600 acres of grounds, is now delivering free, fast and secure connectivity to thousands of visitors thanks to its partnership with Smart Wireless, Cisco Meraki and Purple. The venue is currently using the free version of Purple’s WiFi analytics solution, which allows them to host fully branded login pages, monitor WiFi usage and Facebook interaction without any fees.

The Challenge

The club, which is home to the IXL Events Centre, The Clubhouse, QEII Golden Jubilee Pavilion and The Millstone Hare, a popular restaurant, bar and lounge, wanted to start providing free connectivity to their visitors. Having a public WiFi network for guests would not only ensure people can share their experiences online, browse the web and connect with others, but it also provides the venue with additional publicity on social media, which will help to generate awareness for the polo club.

Cost was also an important factor when determining which WiFi network to implement. A lot of options that the polo club had previously considered carried sizable costs, so they wanted to source a solution that would deliver a reliable connection to visitors but without the killer costs.

Trial Run

Smart Wireless utilised Cisco Meraki access points across the entire estate, and recommended that they trial Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution.

Samantha Daniels, Technical Director at Smart Wireless said: “The Polo Club organises a number of prestigious events every year, attracting large visitor numbers. These events, coupled with the opening of the Millstone Hare, their new bar, lounge and restaurant, made the marketing team want to start offering free Wi-Fi with unique login pages for each venue within the estate. Purple fitted the bill perfectly and delivers insightful analytics and marketing intelligence based on social media and presence.”

The club initially agreed to a one-month trial of Purple and it was deployed at the Millstone Hare so that they could experience the benefits of Purple’s enhanced product.

Commenting on the trial and the benefits of capturing data during this period, Major Richard Carney MBE for Dallas Burston Polo Club, said: “In the first week of our trial we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare since Purple went live. In fact, it’s actually become busy enough to start opening 7 days a week and extend our service hours. We now do about 150 covers at the weekends, selling out of roasts on Sundays, and are constantly increasing our popularity mid-week by providing excellent service and improving our customer engagement.”

Following the trial, Dallas Burston Polo Club agreed to roll out the free version of Purple to all on-site venues. They chose to initially roll out the free version of the solution rather than enhanced as they wanted to ensure it would have a successful uptake in other zones. Purple Free officially went live in June 2017 following a swift deployment by Smart Wireless.

A Positive Start

Visitors to Dallas Burston Polo Club are now able to login to the network via their social media accounts or a short form. Each on-site venue has a bespoke WiFi login page, for example, the Millstone Hare splash page has images of the restaurant and its official logo, whereas the IXL Events Centre has images of polo tournaments, live social feeds, a weather widget and an advert for upcoming events. Whenever someone logs onto the network they are also prompted to ‘like’ the venues official Facebook page.

Unlike with most connectivity providers, the club is able to access a select set of WiFi analytics via Purple’s online portal completely free of charge. The club is able to track usage, sessions, new vs repeat visitors, most popular venue, time spent on the WiFi, gender split and the most popular age. This information is not only helping the club to measure the level of usage from their investment but will help them to generate offers, events and communications that will suit their core age range and drive traffic to quieter venues.

Beneficial Results

The network has already attracted almost 1600 users, with the most popular age range being 25-34-year olds. The Purple portal also allows the club to measure the level of interaction on their Facebook pages. In just under two months the Dallas Burston Polo Club Facebook page has received 205 likes with 13,850 page impressions, which is a 63% increase in Facebook likes per a month compared to the average prior to Purple.

The club has been very impressed with Purple and if they chose to upgrade to the enhanced licence they would gain access to CRM records for every individual that accesses the WiFi. The venue hosts a number of weekend weddings and has seen usage levels increase dramatically during these times. As a result, the marketing team is starting to recognise the value of gaining access to visitor data for marketing purposes. By upgrading the team would also be able to take advantage of other detailed analytics as well as various connectors, including Micro Surveys, TripAdvisor, NPS and Salesforce.

Commenting on the results from Purple, Marketing Manager for Dallas Burston Polo Club, said: “I was amazed at how much data we could gather in such a short space of time quickly. I was able to double our mailing list within the first week of our trial and reach out to more people than we ever have before. I will use the data to build our mailing list and keep our visitors up-to-date with events. I will also use it to develop much more accurate, informed marketing campaigns. By using this tool to these ends, I hope to build our loyal following and continue to welcome more visitors to our events.”