Sugar On Top

Sugar On Top get a taste of Purple analytics

Sugar On Top are an Asian fusion café serving unique, exciting and creative plates of Western and Asian flavours across Malaysia. The chain started as a single outlet in Johor Bahru and can now be spotted from Penang to Kuala Lumpur.

The Objective

The Asian fusion café, known for uniting people with their passion for food, wanted to take their service to the next level by using WiFi to connect customers to more than just social media. Sugar On Top also wanted to personalize their interaction with customers to encourage loyalty.

Without the ability to analyze data from their WiFi network, the marketing team had little visibility over how often people visited, what their favourite choices were from the menu, when they were due special loyalty offers and how they interact socially with the Sugar On Top brand.

The Solution

Prior to Purple, Sugar On Top had their own WiFi network infrastructure in place, but no means of gathering data on their customers.

Now, by gathering key demographic customer data such as name, email, age, gender, hometown and frequency of visits, Sugar On Top have been able to personalize their interaction with customers and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns. The impact? An increase in returning customers and an increase in sales.

Return on Investment

Sugar On Top have seen a 160% increase in customers connecting to WiFi, thanks to the user friendly social login page, and a 30% increase in Facebook page likes. And after running several campaigns through the Purple platform promoting new dishes and vouchers, Sugar On Top have reported that 60% of new customers are now returning for second and third visits and that membership applications have increased by 40%.

Commenting on the results achieved with Purple, Derek Tan, Sugar On Top Co-founder said: “The numbers really speak for themselves when it comes to measuring our return – the results are incredible for such a short time with Purple. Marketing to our different customer segments has never been easier, and has made Purple a key part of our engagement strategy across all our stores!”