Casino WiFi

WiFi for Casinos

From small independents casinos to large scale branded casinos in multiple global locations, the gambling industry has evolved into a full service customer experience, which includes fine dining, bars and entertainment beyond the slots and tables.

Although the experience has changed, to be more inclusive to those who aren’t necessarily there to try to win big and are more about soaking up the atmosphere, the aims of the venue are the same – to encourage repeat business and reward loyalty.

Give them a reason to return

Our casino WiFI solution allows the casino to see the rich data on its visitors, from their age and gender through to the areas where they spend most of their time in the casino. So, if a customer likes to spend time in a particular restaurant at the casino, what better way to build the relationship and secure repeat business than to offer them a great discount or free celebratory drinks?

A seamless visitor experience

A casino rolling out our WiFi solution also has the tools at their disposal to provide real-time information to its guests, such as drinks promotions, opening and closing times and even where to get a taxi when they are ready to leave.

All of this provides a seamless visitor experience which doesn’t end when the individual leaves, as the Purple Portal can be used to stay in touch and let regular visitors know about forthcoming events, offers and news about the venue.

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Benefits for casino WiFi

How Purple can enhance the casino WiFi experience.

Repeat Visits

Use smart analytics to build a clearer picture of your guests, encourage loyalty and secure repeat business.

Social Experience

Free WiFi means that guests can easily access their social media accounts to share the casino experience and in turn, boost your profile.

Real-time Updates

Update casino guests with information about events, drinks promotions, food offers and opening times straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.

Molson Coors Case Study