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Purple WiFi for Cisco

Cisco and Cisco Meraki offer enterprise class WiFi solutions. Purple WiFi adds a ‘best in market’ guest WiFi platform that is legally compliant, has content filtering, social login, deep analytics and marketing tools built in, all designed to deliver a better customer experience whist providing tools to generate a return on investment.

Our fully scaleable solution has options for small, single site businesses right up to large multi-site organisations with high volumes of WiFi users.

Key business benefits


Customer experience

The joint Cisco and Purple WiFi solution provides not only a robust and easy to manage wireless network, but also a branded login process that uses social media or a short form that is simple for a customer to use. Businesses can drive offers, incentives, and details of their loyalty programs to their customers in real time either via the login screens or via emails or SMS, helping to boost revenue as well as customer loyalty.

Revenue and growth

The data collected can be used to segment customers into highly targeted groups based on demographics, loyalty and their physical location and movement around the venue (requires an additional location license), store, or hotel. This information can be used to drive offers and promotions in real time to customers, encouraging spend across all of the organisation’s services. Having new methods to gather contact details, or being able to gain new social Likes and Follows, greatly increases the business’ ability to market back to their customers. The login pages can be monetized by featuring sponsored advertisements and promotions from third parties.

Operational excellence

Segmenting staff devices from those belonging to guests means that the location of staff can be pinpointed in real time. This allows for more dynamic resource allocation, ensuring key areas are staffed accordingly during busy periods.

Ease of implementation

Purple WiFi is cloud-based and can therefore be deployed onto the Cisco wireless network and across multiple locations with just a few configuration changes to the Wireless LAN Controller or in the Meraki Dashboard. The Purple Portal has been built with the user in mind and requires very little training to fully understand all of the features and reports.

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