Commercial WiFi

WiFi for Commercial Offices

Having Purple in your commercial building will enable you to provide a secure and easy to access guest WiFi service, while providing visitors an interactive, engaging and informative visit to your premises.

Picture the office of the future

Before your guest arrives, they are already pre-authorized onto your guest WiFi network. Their mobile device notifies them to welcome them to your office, and you get an alert to tell you that they have just entered the building. The booked meeting room lights switch on and the air conditioning adjusts. The guest is presented with the wayfinding tool on their mobile devices and finds their way to reception.

This may sound like the office of the future, but this is already happening. Purple’s technology is ready to go with this kind of development. We are working closely with key partners such as Cisco and Accenture to develop these offices of the future.

Nice and secure

Purple provides a separate connection for the business, meaning that any commercially sensitive information is secure and can’t be accessed by guests. So the connections stay fast and secure, in line with WiFi best practice compliance guidelines. As a partner of Open DNS, we offer a content filtering service, which automatically blocks IWF blacklisted URLs. We can also also block specific sites at the request of the venue.

What’s more, if you are engaging your visitors via social media, your company’s website search ranking will be strengthened.

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Commercial benefits

How Purple can enhance the commercial experience.

Secure WiFi

A separate network for guests and staff means that commercially sensitive information is safe and your WiFi is legally compliant.

Content Filtering

Our content filtering service is ideal for commercial environments, automatically blocking IWF blacklisted URLs or sites by category.

Welcome guests

Easily welcome guests by automatically connecting them to WiFi and offering a wayfinding tool to show them to reception or their meeting room.

Social WiFi

Providing free WiFi makes it easy for both staff and visitors to engage with your company on social media, boosting your social profile instantly.