• The Future of Hotels by Mike Ryan for Purple
    Welcome to the Future of Hotels The digital age has shown us that customers expect, and often get, total price transparency in everything they consume. This has raised the standards across many industries, including hospitality. In this guide Mike Ryan outlines how technology has driven a shift in business models, and what hotels can do to stay in the game over the next decade.
  • UK industry report Purple
    Purple's UK Hotel Industry Report: Why are guests staying at your hotel? Understanding why guests are staying at your hotel is key to engaging potential and existing guests with relevant, meaningful content. However, identifying every guest that enters your hotel remains a huge challenge. From January to July of 2017, there were approximately 4.65 million consumers who booked a hotel room across 187,000 hotels in Europe, according to Statista. With an average occupancy rate of 70% the average number of beds per booking during this time period was just over two. This means there could be up to 4.65 million more guests that travelled unidentified in Europe’s hotel industry across six months. Download Purple's UK Hotel Industry Report: Why guests are staying at your hotel, to understand how hoteliers can capture more meaningful information about their guests to impact return rates and increase bookings from new guests.
  • Purple's TripAdvisor Connector Report: Automate your reviews Download the full report of Purple's TripAdvisor Connector to find out how 200 businesses collected 40% more reviews and the impact it has to influencing future customers. Quality food, service and pricing are just some of the key ingredients that make a dining experience memorable and worth talking about. With 92% of people regularly or occasionally reading online reviews and 88% trusting them as much as personal recommendations, if your customers aren’t talking about your restaurant both online and offline then you could have a problem. Accumulating positive online reviews is one of the most effective ways of utilizing your existing, loyal customers to entice new clientele through your restaurant doors.
  • Purple's EU Hotel Industry Report: Increasing reviews and retention TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website with 390 million unique users each month, some revisiting the website a further four times. This creates an incredible opportunity for hoteliers to influence these customers to choose their hotel over their competitors by leveraging reviews. Purple's EU Hotel Industry Report: Increasing reviews and retention, delves into research across the EU hotel industry to understand the relationship between reviews and online reputation, and the impact they have on influencing future customers.
  • The Complete Guide to NPS Surveys Customers expect the best possible experience when dealing with any company. With each brand competing to be front of mind, it takes something special to stand out. Gathering feedback helps address this challenge. Download Purple's Complete Guide to NPS Surveys to understand how surveys and customer feedback can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.