Combine Online & Offline Data

How New Retail and the Customer Algorithm combine online and offline worlds of customer data

If your business is looking to close the gap between online and in-store customer data, then you are looking for a 'New Retail' solution. Read through our resources below to learn what New Retail is and why it is important to every industry, from retail to hospitality, stadiums and transport.

Download the full report for an action plan on how Marketing, IT, Operations, CRM, and Finance departments can use this combined data to improve your bottom line and customer retention by personalizing the customer experience.

  • What is New Retail?

    New Retail is the concept of converging online and offline worlds of data about your customers to personalize and enhance their experience. Once you have achieved New Retail, you will be able to identify your ‘Customer Algorithm’ where you design marketing strategies and experiences based on rich customer profiles.

    What industries does New Retail impact?

    It may focus on retail, but New Retail is having a significant impact on all industries. You may collect details of customers via websites, apps, social media, POS and loyalty data. However, the physical spaces of your venue contain just as many insights about your customers if you know how to capture them.

    Why is New Retail important for businesses to understand and achieve?

    In a world where a personalized and instant experience is thriving in business, understanding who your customers really are becomes key. However, efforts to engage with customers and make the most of revenue opportunities fall flat when you can’t identify who is in your venue – more than half of customers can be anonymous entities.

    Collecting ‘offline’ insights about your customers eliminates guess work and replaces it with rich, relevant and actionable insights to tailor your messaging and enhance your customers’ experience.

    What are the types of insights of New Retail in physical spaces?

    New Retail insights of physical spaces include; name, email, social interests, footfall and dwell times, number of people who walk by your venue, high density heat maps, preferred social networks, and more.

  • Download your free report

    Purple’s Big Data New Retail and the Customer Algorithm Report will give you insights to:

    • A background on New Retail and what the future outcomes of digitizing your business look like
    • How digitizing your in-store and online customer experience impacts
    • Current use cases of New Retail and the Customer Algorithm
  • New retail - combining online and offline customer data
    Download your free report

    Purple’s Report: Combining online and in-store customer data will give you the tools to:

    • Understand the requirements of ‘New Retail’ for your business and its impact
    • Identify the impact personalization can have to your bottom line and operational efficiencies
    • Identify how you can collect data from in-store and segment for optimal results across departments
    • Get your team on board with an action plan outline

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