Drive social engagement by up to 400%

Social – the new Word-of-Mouth

As business leaders around the globe, begin to recognize social media as the new word-of-mouth. It’s now fact, that a high percentage of your customers will use social media to share their opinions.

If your business isn’t maximizing on the benefits that social media brings to your sales, then you can be rest assured that your peers are.



So if you are looking to drive social engagement through the roof, then Purple is the solution for you.

Just some of 2016 global social media statistics




social login for your guest WiFi

Purple’s social sign in feature, gives your customers a choice of how to log in to your guest WiFi. Either through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, or by filling out a short form. We also provide social login through Weibo (China) and VKontakte (Russia).

Easy customer engagement

And because your customers will have logged in quickly with their social media accounts, they’re much more likely to engage with your brand online.


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Instantly boosting your business’s social connections, likes, re-tweets and impressions. Not to mention brand awareness across social media… just another benefit of being with Purple.

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Take the first step today

A straightforward process to provide social login to guest WiFi, while you gain a whole lot more benefits too.

Purple provides a simple and easy to use platform that starts from zero cost and can be up and running in no time at all. You can even use your existing hardware or buy a low cost Purple hotspot with plug and play capability. So what’s stopping you?


“Purple WiFi was the obvious choice because its an all-in-one solution, from both content filtering and legislative perspectives. Feedback on this seamless login process has been phenomenal, with Facebook likes going up 50%.”

Rebecca Shepherd, Marketing Coordinator at Millennium Ltd.


Join thousands of like-minded businesses

Joining the Purple revolution means that you will have a secure social login option for guests. It ensures you meet all legal obligations and and online activity is logged securely, protecting your business and your customers.

So while they have fun surfing the net… you have peace of mind knowing Purple log your guests’ WiFi activity and it’s readily available for Police fraud and cybercrime agencies to view. We call this… the Purple Surf & Secure effect


“Purple WiFi provides a low-cost option for smaller shops and businesses, allowing them to provide free, secure Wi-Fi in return for valuable social demographics and usage analytics.”

Dave Mitchell – PC World.

Let’s take it to the next level

So you know what we can do for your social exposure,  now let’s explore how you can really benefit from your WiFi.

Collect valuable data for your business

Purple have revolutionized how businesses collect contact information and build a database around the customers who visit their venue. You can easily collect names and email addresses using Purple, if that’s what you’re happy with or use more detailed demographics which show what your customers interests are.

However, the real power of Purple lies in how business owners can match data to an individual customer’s behaviour on a specific date and time in your venue. And then take action in the form of sending out a personalized promotional offer or recognizing a visitor who is loyal to your brand and asking them to leave a review on our partner’s sites such as TripAdvisor or TrustPilot.

The bigger the data, the better the rewards!


The installation of Purple WiFi at our venues has been a key step in understanding our customers and improving their overall experience when they visit us.

Carlo Bragagnini, Owner, San Marco Group

We all love a raving review, especially when it’s about a business personal in some way to us. It says I’m the best at what I do, right?

In 2015 Purple partnered with TripAdvisor and TrustPilot to help business reinforce their glowing referrals, and make the collection of positive reviews a whole lot easier.

So easy, that when a customer uses your guest WiFi, TripAdvisor or TrustPilot know about it instantly and ask for a review just at the right time. Personal to your customers, personal to your business.




Loyalty program

Purple makes rewarding loyalty easy for small businesses, giving them real-time access to their most devoted customers. While at the same time, answering those all important questions such as who visited, when, how recently and who spent the most?

You can even identify which customers might benefit from a promotional offer, to encourage them to return again or spend more the next time they visit.

Loyalty to your brand, loyalty to your customers.

“We have been looking at alternatives for public WiFi access in our new Cathedral Café and chose Purple WiFi. Family-friendly access and legal compliance are very high on our list of priorities.”

David Tunbridge, IT Manager, Canterbury Cathedral.

Pushing out meaningful vouchers

Personalization plays a primary role in the overall success of businesses, it’s your edge, right? So if your customers don’t react to the standard messages you are pushing out to them, getting personal, may just be the solution you need.

Using data collected through your guest WiFi and Purple portal, means you can send out highly relevant messages and promotional offers at the right time. And by the right time, we mean while they are in your venue, already in the purchasing mindset.

By email or SMS you can send invitations, celebrations, discounts, newsletters, whatever you like, whenever you like.




When we say analytics, business owners think zig zags and dots scattered all over the screen, which takes time to understand; right?

Not so with Purple. We store data gathered from the customers who logged in to your WiFi and present the information on each person back to you through a dashboard. Either on their own or matched against other guests with similar characteristics… we collect all the interesting stuff

We’re all about giving you the tools you need to make decisions based on facts and turn these into actions that impact the bottom line of your business.

We also grow as your business grows. So if you need your analytics to work that little bit harder, you can upgrade at any time.