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The government has made it compulsory for all NHS sites across England to have a fully functional, and compliant WiFi service in place for patients, staff and visitors by 2018.

NHS WiFi will provide a secure, stable, and reliable WiFi capability, consistent across all NHS settings, and will allow patients and the public to download health apps, browse the internet and access health and care information.

By 31st December 2018, all secondary care settings must have compliant WiFi in place and accessible to patients and the public (subject to approval of funding).

Funding will be provided by the Department of Health and Social Care, and the level of funding each NHS trust will receive will be based on a categorisation of trust size.

Care trusts are responsible for choosing a supplier that can provide an NHS WiFi system which suits their needs, and working with them to implement it across their local NHS sites.


02 December 2015

Dame Martha Lane Fox recommends free WiFi in every NHS building

13 December 2015

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt announces free WiFi is to be provided in all NHS buildings in England in a bid to improve services and reduce costs


20 April 2016

Tom Denwood, Health and Social Care support director, said the NIB hopes to issue guidance to NHS organisations by June 2016 on how to provide free WiFi


30 June 2017

Funding confirmed to CCG

01 August 2017

16 trusts selected as ‘priority cohort’ in the initial secondary care delivery phase

31 December 2017

Deadline for all GP practices and ‘priority cohort’ to have compliant WiFi in place and accessible to patients and the public


01 January 2018

33 trusts selected as ‘fast followers’ to take part in the second stage of delivery

31 March 2018

All secondary care settings participating in the second stage of delivery (‘fast followers’) must have compliant NHS WiFi in place

30 April 2018

Funding expected to be confirmed for remaining secondary care trusts

31 December 2018

All remaining ‘in scope’ secondary care settings must have compliant WiFi in place and accessible to patients and the public (subject to approval of funding)

Which business units could find additional benefit from this project?

In order to get the maximum level of value from this project, it may be helpful to think about the other business units within the trust that might benefit. Below we have outlined who the most likely beneficiaries are.

Business Unit What responsibilities does this business unit have? How will patient WiFi help this business unit?
  • Developing and implementing the communication strategy for the trust
  • Drive clinical messages through communication campaigns and activity
  • Make patients and visitors aware of the available facilities
  • Identify actual patient and visitor segments of people in your hospital for targeted messaging
  • Drive targeted messaging and engagement through social channels identified that are popular with patients and visitors
  • Ability to gain feedback in real-time for improvement
Patient Experience
  • Understanding the experience during a patient’s time within a hospital
  • Collecting and understanding feedback through friends and family surveys
  • Running initiatives that will improve the experience for patients and their visitors
  • Delivering surveys to patients after they have completed their time at the hospital
  • Delivering friends and family surveys automatically, immediately after they have left the hospital
  • Enable patients to stay in touch with the outside world through social media access and video calling applications
  • Offering secure, efficient, continuous, seamless technology to support patients in the pursuit of improving their health
  • Aligning technology with NHS goals
  • Meeting the NHS Digital technical requirements while remaining within budget
  • Out of the box functionality that meets NHS Digital requirements
  • Simple and easy implementation by working with a vendor that overlays on WiFi technology
  • Finding maximum value from across the trust by aligning projects across the organisation
  • Maintaining legal compliance
  • Spending efficiently and keeping an eye on the bottom line to ensure profitability
  • The ability to measure the benefits that WiFi are providing to the trust and its patients
  • Has a chance to gain credibility by providing additional value to the trust