WiFi for hotels

Measurable return from guest insights

With consumers now actively searching for WiFi in hotels when booking their travel arrangements online; the hotel industry needs to update its WiFi policy to look at new ways of generating a return on their investment. Our cloud software enables WiFi for hotels in a simple overlay with existing hardware.

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Benefits for hotels and motels

How Purple can enhance the guest experience.

Stay Connected

Staying in a hotel doesn’t mean guests have to go off the grid; free WiFi makes staying in touch with work, friends and family easy.

Social experience

Free WiFi means that sharing the hotel experience on social media is easy, and guests don’t need to worry about data costs.

Real-time Updates

Update hotel guests with information about facilities, events, food offers, drinks promotions and deals on repeat bookings straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.

The future of hotels by Mike Ryan

EXCLUSIVE! The Future of Hotels 2017 white paper, download it for free now!

Written by Mike Ryan, the UK’s leading futurist for Purple, “The Future of Hotels” is a must read for bar and restaurant owners, general managers, business development, marketing or anyone involved with the hospitality industry.